Democratic primary: Buttigieg wins Iowa narrowly

Primaires démocrates: Buttigieg remporte l’Iowa de justesse

The moderate Pete Buttigieg narrowly won the election in democratic primary in Iowa in the face of Bernie Sanders, according to revised outcomes published Sunday by the party, nearly a week after a poll to the complex rules has turned into a fiasco.

The Iowa caucuses have awarded 14 delegates to Buttigieg and 12 to Sanders, 8 Elizabeth Warren, 6 to Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar. These delegates must designate in July during the democratic Convention, the rival of president Donald Trump in the presidential election of November.

The results of the election, which gave the kick-off of the democratic primary, were immediately disputed by Sanders.

“You can expect that we will ask the democratic Party of Iowa, a new body count” of votes in some constituencies in question, said on CNN the campaign manager of the senator from Vermont, Faiz Shakir.

The primary of the Iowa ” was managed incompetently “, he protested.

The election has turned into a fiasco, errors in the official results released only on Thursday has forced the democratic Party of Iowa to carry out checks.

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