Demonstration in support of victims of sexual assault: “They should denounce loud and clear”

Manifestation en soutien aux victimes d’agressions sexuelles: «Elles doivent dénoncer haut et fort»

“Break the silence”, shouted nearly a hundred protesters, yesterday, before the national Assembly, they who have come to join the victims of sexual violence, whose denunciations tributary lately on the social networks.

Both supporters of the movement to expose that abuse survivors are gathered under a light rain, chanting slogans and holding placards to many messages.

The event brought together all of the women, the event has been presented as “non-mixed”. A way for women to “take power”, they represent a significant proportion of victims of sexual violence, according to the organizers.

“If they do not break the silence, the system will not advance. The culture of rape is present. It puts in doubt the word of victims of sexual assault. They are guilty, then the shame must switch sides. It should go on the side of the aggressors”, writes the director of Rape Relief and spokesperson for the Clustering of groups of women in the National Capital, Julie Tremblay.

Yes to the list

“The list is necessary” has been one of the slogans brandis, in reference to a list of alleged abusers which had been circulating on the social networks in the last few days. A list where the names of the persons referred to, denounced anonymously, opening up sometimes the door to an error on the person and the nature of the charges, leaving little room for nuance in terms of the degree of seriousness of the actions alleged.

“It is sure that there is a gradation. It is not necessary to treat them all on the same footing of equality,” concedes Ms. Tremblay.

With regard to the risk to embark in a speech to be defamatory, Julie Tremblay argues that”there is no fun for the victims to denounce this way”.

“If we want to have real change, profound social, it is not necessary to say to the victims to keep silent. They must speak up loud and clear”, she believes, judging that the movement of denunciations, anonymous is not one of “revenge”.

A woman encountered by The Newspaper, who preferred to conceal his name, has had the courage to testify of his grueling experience with the police when she went to lodge a complaint, once for herself and once for your actions to the place of his two year old daughter.

“I was afraid. […] I felt the intimidation. [The two men police] have told me that I wasn’t going to show them how to do their job. Not only are you sensitive, but you feel in danger,” said she.

“Today, it is the tip of the iceberg. There is talk of the women who deliver the word. Imagine all those who have not, the word”, illustrates it.

Of all ages

The protesters included women of all ages, from toddlers with their parents to middle-aged women. This type of representation between generations is worth a lot to some, including Alexandra Tremblay, came to protest with her four year old daughter and her two year-old son.

“I want my children to know that they have power over their lives, decisions that are taken on the policy. That there is nothing impossible, as for a wife as for my son,” she says.

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