demonstrators denounce the police gathering in Rennes

    demonstrators denounce the police gathering in Rennes

    ‘I was home and it was creepy, I wondered what was going on … “. Justine was in the front row of the police demonstration in front of the home of the mayor of Rennes Nathalie Appéré on Thursday, December 17. The young Rennaise mobilizes against the global security law since the big demonstration of November 28.

    It’s amazing that there is such a big divide between the population and the police

    This time she joined the rally organized on the Esplanade de Gaulle on Saturday 19 December against the government’s “liberticidal laws”. Comprehensive security law, the bill on “republican principles” but also the establishment of the curfew: the demands were varied during this event at the call of many unions, associations and political parties : Nous Tous 35, NPA Rennes, France Insoumise, Solidaires 35, Extinction Rebellion, but also the collective Vérité et Justice pour Babacar.

    Amel, she says she got used to police demonstrations, especially following the interview with Emmanuel Macron for the online media Brut. “The mayor is not the only one concerned. I live in the city center and every week they pass with their flashing light and their siren … It’s real noise at night. I find it amazing that there is have such an important divide between the population and the police “, she regrets.

    The speeches followed one another for more than an hour on the Esplanade de Gaulle in Rennes. © Radio France
    – Maxime Glorious

    The images of the police demonstration in front of Nathalie Appéré’s home seem to have fueled the fire for some protesters. “They are outlaws. Us, if we go out we get a fine but they can do anything and put pressure on an elected … I do not understand why the prefect did not react”, gets angry Yaelle, a young student who came to the demonstration with friends.

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    Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin called for sanctions to be taken. The mayor of Rennes, she sent the Alliance-Police Nationale union an open letter, greeted by Julien: “I think Nathalie Appéré’s letter was very good, it has guts and that’s good.”

    Ten times fewer than on November 28

    At the microphone, during speeches, political organizations and associations recalled that this event was “the last meeting of 2020 to prepare for 2021”.

    They were ten times less numerous than during the demonstration of November 28. We must therefore rethink the movement according to Yann of the Rennes committee of the Attac association. “It’s difficult to get together, the shops in the city center are open so we can’t walk and we are confined to a static gathering on the Esplanade de Gaulle. The idea would be to hold a large public meeting. early January….”

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