Dental fillings is about to become history! This is what will replace them

Sounds cool, right?

Зубні пломби ось-ось стануть історією! Ось чим їх замінять

This drug, developed to treat Alzheimer’s disease, promotes the natural restoration of teeth, reports Rus.Media. This is the opening tells Business Insider.

“Tideglusib” stimulates the stem cells in the tooth pulp (the source of the new dentin).

Dentin is a mineralized substance under the tooth enamel, most often impotent before decay.

Teeth CAN restore the dentin without assistance, but only under certain circumstances.

Scientists explained that the pulp shall be subjected to infection or trauma, to begin to reproduce the dentin.

But even then, naturally, it is recovering very thin layer – not enough to remove deep cracks or holes in the teeth.

“Tideglusib” disables the enzyme GSK-3, which inhibits the formation of dentin.

The study team introduced a small boguski of collagen impregnated “Tideglusib,” in these cracks.

As expected, they caused the growth of the dentine and within six weeks the condition of the tooth returned to normal. Due to its structure, the sponge has melted and left only the intact tooth!

Зубні пломби ось-ось стануть історією! Ось чим їх замінять

So far, the experiments were conducted only on the teeth of mice.

Nevertheless, Professor at the London dental Institute king’s College” and the main author of the study Paul Sharpe said:

“The drug has already borne fruit in clinical tests against Alzheimer’s disease. Now he provides a real opportunity to use it and in dental clinics”.

“How it simple to use, makes it ideal as a dental product,” he added.

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