Dentists want to pass on the costs COVID to the government

Les dentistes veulent refiler les frais COVID au gouvernement

The Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) recommends to its members to impose additional fees ranging from 15 to 30 $ to cover their expenses in equipment and also proposes to foist its “fresh COVID” the government of Quebec.

“We want to pass on a message to Mr. Legault who has made the choice to help the population in other sectors of the economy. We totally agree with that, but it is important that it be done also in our area, because it provides essential health care,” argued Thursday, Carl Tremblay, president of the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ).

Dentists need to take extra care in their offices during exams, cleanings, fillings and other procedures performed on their patients.

Mr. Tremblay believes that it is an “accessibility fair” to the population as before the COVID. “The government should pay these fees for Quebecers as a whole as we will be forced to apply in the hopes that we will overcome this pandemic and that we can abandon the additional measures”, he stated.

Binding and expensive

The president of the ACDQ in advance that dentists must adhere to the practices laid down about 60 pages in a document from the government.

“We demand of N95 masks, face shields, gowns, long-sleeved disposable or washable, and filter the air of the operating room to 99 % before the arrival of a new patient. It is cumbersome and costly,” pointed out Carl Tremblay.

This is what explains, according to him, the scale of attaching a fee of $ 15 to $ 30, but it could be more expensive. It is a “suggested price as a function of the reality of your dentist. If the dentist has been forced to invest a lot in his office to adhere to the standards of ventilation, or closed rooms, even if it is forced to hire additional staff to meet the standards, it might happen that you charge more,” he said. Not having a very good experience with your dentist? With modern orthodontist in highland park you can make sure every treatment is affordable and you’ll have a good customer service.

When you arrive at your dentist, you will need to submit a questionnaire in order to verify that you are not infected with coronavirus and wear your own mask and into the operating room and / or examination.

“If you think you are, or can be reached from COVID, we will delay the appointment of at least two weeks or until you have a test that says that you are not achieved,” added Carl Tremblay.


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