Denunciations: dumped by his agency, Kevin Parent apologizes

Dénonciations: largué par son agence, Kevin Parent s’excuse

Referred to turn by allegations of sexual misconduct, the singer Kevin Parent has been returned by the agency that represents him, Preste, and has published a video in which he presents his excuses.

This break takes effect immediately.

“The values of respect and tolerance are embedded in the DNA of Rendered and are non-negotiable. We condemn without reservation any person who would alienate in any form whatsoever,” said the agency in a message posted online Monday morning.

“We send our most sincere thoughts to the victims who testify for several days and to those who remain walled up in the silence.”

The name of Kevin Parent is appeared on the page Instagram Victims_Voices_Mtl, Sunday evening, with a witness describing gestures indecent that would have placed the singer.

The message, however, has been removed, without explanation, on Monday morning.


Kevin Parent was published a video in which he presents his excuses.

“I have made many mistakes in my life, and I have said and I have done many small things, the worse I assume,” he says, before changing any of following subject.

“But we’re not here to talk about it, it is here because there is a big tidal wave of awareness or cry for justice. It goes beyond me and my opinion and taste to defend myself, that’s not it at all. This is not what I want to do, I have the taste to listen to, understand, and be there.”

He thanked his team at Preste, including his agent to show Louis Career. “I know that, for these reasons, it is necessary that you désistes, it is necessary that you let go of me and then I understand that.”

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