Denunciations of aggression: the Redskins in hot water

Dénonciations d’agressions: les Redskins dans l’eau chaude

The Washington Redskins and their majority owner, Dan Snyder, could face a serious problem, while 15 women, all former employees of the organization, told the daily Washington Post, in an article published on Thursday, have been victims of sexual harassment while they worked for the team.

Of these 15 women, only Emily Applegate, who has worked as coordinator of marketing for one year, 2015, has decided to speak publicly. The other 14 have spoken under the cover of anonymity for fear of possible litigation, since they had signed non-disclosure agreements with the organization.

“It was the worst experience of my life, said Ms. Applegate, who is now 31 years of age. We tolerated, because we knew that if we can place a complaint, and they reminded, there were 1000 people who would take our job in the mean time.”

None of the 15 women had accused Dan Snyder or the former team president Bruce Allen, but they suspect these two men have been aware of what was happening.

“I guess that Bruce [Allen] knew about it, because he was sitting 30 feet from me and he saw me crying at my desk several times a week,” added Applegate in his confession to the american journal.

Five men were charged, including the “voice of the Redskins”, Larry Michael, who retired Wednesday, as well as the director of personnel Alex Santos and his assistant Richard Mann, who have been laid off in the last end of the week, after the Washington Post had contacted the organization for comment.

The Redskins, in the company of their lawyer committed recently, have indicated by way of a press release, “perform a thorough review of the situation in order to establish new standards for the employees.”

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