The main indicator of the success of the endeavours of the Ministry of interior is the level of trust of citizens.

November 13, the MIA was attended by representatives of Western think tanks, including the EU Institute for security, European Council on foreign relations, the International crisis group.

It is reported by the Department of communication of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

They plan to see the results and plans for further reform of the civilian security sector.

At the beginning of the meeting the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Tetyana Kovalchuk outlined the main results and processes that are ongoing in the Ministry of interior.

“We have reached key goals of the transformation of the Ministry of interior on the European model, in particular, delineated the functions of political control and professional activities, ensure the functioning of the newly formed National police is a professional law enforcement Agency. Measures for the development of the division of police, Department of strategic investigation. All processes are in accordance with the objectives enshrined in the strategic documents”, – said Tatiana Kovalchuk.

The Deputy Minister noted that a shared vision, strategic documents, as well as quality, new legislation was developed in close cooperation with international partners, primarily with the EU.

“Today we are building a human-oriented system which is able to ensure the implementation of our key priorities is to create a safe environment, ensuring human rights, combating crime, ensuring the rule of law, media freedom and providing quality and affordable services,” said Tatiana Kovalchuk.

The main indicator of the success of the endeavours of the Ministry of interior is the level of trust of citizens, which according to estimates of various analytical centers remains high and is at least 42% to the whole system of the interior Ministry. And in comparison with individual organs of the interior Ministry, the level of confidence in the Border guard service, gschs and the National guard is more than 60%.

The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the transformation of the interior Ministry, which began in 2014, did not stop for a minute and is still ongoing. Today on topical issues of legislative support of law enforcement, a clear delimitation of competencies between law enforcement agencies, the need to bring the system into compliance with the Law “On National security,” including the deprivation of some organs of non-core functions to avoid duplication of effort and to establish a quality interaction.

During the discussion, European experts were interested in the creation of a new authority, the Bureau of financial investigations, reform of the SBU, the Prosecutor’s office reform and the impact of these processes on the activity of the organs of the interior Ministry. Not paid attention to the situation in the East of Ukraine and noted the teamwork of all units involved in the breeding effort.

Representatives of the National police noted the high level of cooperation with the Consultative EU mission in Ukraine and active participation of the mission in the implementation of the reform of the National police.

Anton Gerashchenko has also attracted the attention of European analysts to the shameful fact of unreasonable condemnation of the Italian justice system national guardsmen Marcia and expressed hope for a positive appeal at the Milan court next year, and also remembered a manipulative attempt to discredit the battalion “Azov”.

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