Deputy Nikolay Negrich told how Kiev can overcome tube

Депутат Николай Негрич рассказал, как Киев может побороть пробки

Such opinion in interview to “Observer” expressed by the Council member, member of the standing Committee of Kyiv city Council on issues of urban planning, architecture and land use Nikolai Negrich.

According to him, practically in all large cities-the capitals have a problem with Parking the car.

“The master plan contains a “General transport plan”. Without the adoption of the General Plan, it is impossible to remove transit transport from the city. In addition, people traveling on business to Kyiv for a day or two, better and more profitable it would be to leave their cars at the Parking lots at the entrance to Kiev, but to move around the city by public transport. They don’t always know the city and where to Park. This problem is not only in Kiev but also in London and in Warsaw and in other cities. Almost all the major cities-the capitals have a problem with Parking cars,” – said Negrich.

According to the Deputy, in the capital, a car uses almost a million people, with population of about 3 million.

“And there will be more, because there is a problem of transit. In addition, not all residents register a car in Kiev. We can’t prevent a person from settling or to register in Kiev. Overall, the General Plan is an indicative, but they should be”, – explained Negris.

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