Deputy US attorney General Rod Rosenstein resigned

Заместитель генпрокурора США Род Розенстайн подал в отставку

First Deputy Minister of justice and attorney General of the USA Rod Rosenstein sent to President Donald Trump his resignation on may 11, reports TASS.

The corresponding letter was circulated by the U.S. Department of justice. It States that the average length of stay on a post of the Deputy Prosecutor General is 16 months. Few took him more than two years.

Rosenstein, thanked trump for the opportunity to work in the administration of Washington, and for the courtesy and humor. He also noted that during his service productivity of the Department increased, and crime has fallen.

It should be noted that the first Deputy Minister wanted to resign back in March, when senators approved the nomination of William Barr to the position of head of the Ministry of justice. However, Barr asked Rosenstein to stay until then, until the investigation of spectracolor USA Robert Mueller, whose work previously was in charge of Rosenstein.

Trump has already sent for approval to the candidacy of the successor kind of Jeffrey Rosen.

Earlier it was reported that the head of the Department of homeland security dismissed. Trump without cause, thanked Nielsen for his service.