Dequoy has always hope to attend a camp

Dequoy a toujours espoir de participer à un camp

The approach to the recovery of the NFL which will be held from Thursday to Saturday, Marc-Antoine Dequoy feels privileged to have been able to hold his proday at Montreal, on 9 march, where he will stare the eyes in passing a time of 4 s 35 in the sprint of 40 yards.

“If I hadn’t been able to keep my proday, my chances of being drafted or “signed” as a free agent by a team from the NFL would have been slim, ” admits the half defensive star of the Carabins of the Université de Montréal.

“I’ve been extremely fortunate. It was a challenge to have teams and the interest has increased after the proday. When you say you are now running 4 s 35, ninety percent of the people don’t not believe, which is normal. I have been able to prove it. I feel bad for Carter O’donnell (Alberta) who participated in the East West Shrine Bowl with me. It is an exceptional talent and he has been unlucky with the cancellation of his proday. It’s going to be a little more hard for him to get an opportunity. “

After the proday which the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles attended, Dequoy has been contacted by the Seattle Seahawks, who wanted to offer him a visit, but plans have obviously changed due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“Teams wanted to get to know me and the coaches wanted to come see me in Montreal “, said the one that will evolve as a marauder if he gets a chance in the NFL.

“Even if the visit to Montreal and mine have been cancelled, the interest is still there. According to the discussions that my agent (Sasha Ghavami) has had with a particular team, that I do not want to identify for the moment, I hope to get an opportunity to participate in a training camp. It is disappointing that the visits have been cancelled, but 90 percent of the work had been done with the proday. “

In the form

The victim of a fractured arm during the first moments of the Vanier Cup last November in Quebec city to face the Calgary Dinos, Dequoy has received another good news after his proday.

“I am 100 % restored, and I received the green light from my doctor, he indicated. I knew that I was healed, but teams wanted to get the letter from the doctor who confirmed everything. “

Dequoy will live out the last chance of the NFL in front of his computer in the company of his mother and his girlfriend.

“Younger, I never would have believed that I could be selected in the NFL one day, says he. It’s going to be special too, the way to follow the draft. With my mother and my girlfriend, we will be in contact with my father and my family through a Zoom. “

Assé wants an invitation

For its part, Kétel Assé keeps the same objective from the beginning. “The number one goal is still to get an invitation to a camp, pointed out the blocker of the Red and Gold of the University Laval. A team was really interested to invite me to a minicamp. We had talked about in California on the occasion of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. However, there is no guarantee or promise. I don’t think I recovered, but I was told to keep my phone open. I hope I get a chance to show what I can do. “

Assé and his team-mate Adam Auclair held their proday march 10, at the PEPS in front of the Bears.

“I hope that the door will open “

Fourth most beautiful hope of the last classification of the CFL, Tomas Jack-Kurdyla also believes in its chances of retaining the attention of a training for the NFL combine.

After four seasons in the NCAA with the Bulls of Buffalo, where he was starting from day 1, the guard 6 ‘ 4 ” and 300 pounds, who wore the colours of the Cheetahs de Vanier from 2013 to 2016, is very excited at the dawn of the two repêchages.

“My goal has always been to evolve in the professional ranks, and he summed up Jack-Kurdyla. Since I play football, I am waiting for this moment. “

Unlike several players from the NCAA, the product of the Cheetahs had the opportunity to take part in his Pro Day.

The event took place on 13 march in the presence of five NFL teams and seven teams in the CFL. The next day, this type of event was put on ice.

“Recruiters have seen me in person. I was able to show my athleticism and that I was moving well, even if I didn’t get the desired results in the test on the bench press. I’m also in front of the Giants and the Bills.

“I hope that the door will open, continue, Jack-Kurdyla. I am comfortable with the idea of being drafted, signed as a free agent or to receive an invitation to a camp. I’m going to seize the opportunity no matter how it presents itself. A few teams have contacted me in recent weeks. Nothing specific, but they wanted to know me and asked the usual questions. “

Other candidates

Another product of the Cheetahs took part in the Pro Day of the Bulls.

Former wide receiver at Vanier, and transformed into a half defensive, Buffalo, Dev Lamour wants to continue his career in the professional ranks.

The kicker of precision, montreal J. J. Molson, Bruins UCLA, hopes to be selected, put under contract as a free agent or get an invitation to a camp.

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