Der Spiegel: American cadets are accused of using racist gestures

The cadets of the American Academy West point is accused of using racist gesture during a visit to a football match, writes Der Spiegel. The actions of the cadets were clearly visible, because during the live broadcast they were standing right behind the commentator. In West point has already begun investigating the incident.

Der Spiegel: американские кадеты обвиняются в использовании расистских жестов

ReutersКадеты the us military Academy at West point showed the gestures of a racist White Power movement during the game of American football, reports Der Spiegel: it is noted that the game was broadcast on television. The Academy initiated the investigation if the allegations are true, it is involved in the incident, the cadets will be brought to justice.

As writes the edition, incident happened last weekend during the game between athletes from the army and the Navy: a minimum of two cadets from West point and a cadet from the naval Academy showed the gesture used by racist groups. They can be clearly seen, because during the live broadcast they were standing directly behind the commentator. Der Spiegel informs that characteristic gesture was rated organizations a few years ago: thumb and index finger together in a circle, while the other three fingers are directed down. It is noted that such a gesture also used by some supporters of Donald trump in order to provoke supporters of the Democrats. In addition, this gesture showed the arrows, attacked in March this year at two mosques in the new Zealand city of Christchurch.

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