Der Standard: European foreign policy partners are dissatisfied with the “antics” of Macron

Der Standard: европейские партнёры недовольны внешнеполитическими «выходками» Макрона

The abrupt change of views of the President of France Emmanuel Makron against Russia and Hungary has alarmed his European partners, reports Der Standard. French politician very impatient and unpredictable in their obsession to achieve success before the municipal elections in the country. And his foreign policy antics turn all the talk about a strong Europe as a “senseless Pro-European rhetoric”, says Austrian edition.

His “foreign policy initiative” the President of France Emmanuel macron calls from our European partners an increasing discontent and excitement, writes Der Standard. They were alarmed by a sharp change of rhetoric and attitudes towards Russia and Hungary. In a recent interview, French politician said that Europe is “on the brink”, was pronounced “brain dead” NATO and questioned the paragraph on collective protection. And all this on the eve of the NATO summit in London and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the military organization, says Austrian edition.Macron urged to strengthen the “strategic autonomy” of Europe. He hopes that France will play a major role in this process. However, to achieve the goal will require at least a decade, said the President, as well as a rethinking of relations with Russia. Macron insisted on the need for “strategic dialogue” with Moscow. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Council President Donald Tusk “gave him a rebuke” for these words. Polish politician reminded that for Europe, Russia is not a “strategic partner” and “strategic problem.”Also in the fall of 2018 macron said the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin “dreams” about the collapse of the EU, reminiscent of Der Standard. Then he called the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban as its “main enemy”. Now he says that he was close to the opinion of the Hungarian policy on how we should build relations with Russia. Makron even expressed the hope that Orban will be able to convince of the correctness of his approach other countries from the Visegrad countries, particularly Poland.It all shows what major changes happened with the head of France for the last year, the newspaper notes. Now he says that after brexia the UK will become a “second class power”, as well as with the veto blocks the beginning of negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania on EU membership. What is their policy it does not coordinate with its main ally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, shows “how impatient and unpredictable Makron in his obsession to achieve the apparent success before the municipal elections in March,” writes Der Standard.”Foreign policy antics of the head of France, the destruction of the axis with Merkel and predictable attacks Donald trump on NATO partners argue that the appeal of the new President of the European Commission (Ursula von der Leyen. — Inotv) to ensure that Europe has “learned to speak the language of force”, not more meaningless than the Pro-European rhetoric,” concludes Der Standard.

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