“Derek Aucoin, the head high” : a history of baseball and of gratitude

«Derek Aucoin, la tête haute» : une histoire de baseball et de gratitude

Nothing, not even the pandemic of coronavirus, was not going to stop Derek Aucoin, and the journalist Benoit Rioux to launch the biography “heads high”, Wednesday.

In the current circumstances, the two men, however, have had to rethink their game plan. It is thus by the means of a Facebook Live that Aucoin was the launch of the book telling about his life. The publication of the paper version is delayed, but the book is now available in digital format. As of Friday, the day of the 50th anniversary of the former pitcher for the Montreal Expos, the audio version will also be available.

“This is obviously not the launch that we had imagined. It was expected to do it with a big “gang”, at the olympic Stadium, in the framework of the games between the Blue Jays and the Yankees. I was supposed to meet my former teammate, Aaron Boone, who is the manager of the Yankees,” said Aucoin.

“Baseball, it is a beautiful life school. You must continually adjust, as we must all do currently.”

Baseball and gratitude

In the difficult context that we currently live, this book could drop the point for many. It will at the very least to relativize the suffering of some, since it is a form of inheritance Aucoin, who achieved a tumor incurable in the brain.

“This is a story of baseball and of gratitude, he said. Benoit Rioux was my receiver. I think he needs to put ice on his knees at this moment! I sent him shots and him, he caught them. Once, I threw it all weird, but it was very good. I think that our game is not finished yet and that we still have a few sleeves to launch them all together.”

The reporter from QMI Agency has also passed on some words via Facebook during the launch of virtual.

“A launch in the line, it is a bit different from the olympic Stadium, he started with a smirk. But there is nothing in the world that will prevent me from enjoying this day. This is so a project that has been important to Derek and me.”

A beautiful friendship

Rioux and Aucoin met in April, 2013, at Yankee Stadium. Over time, a beautiful friendship has developed between the two men. When Aucoin was learned that he was suffering from a tumour, he quickly informed Rioux. It was while reading a passage from the book “head high” as he explained his reaction to the terrible news and the approach that he has company with his great friend.

“I was shocked, saddened. […] When through this test, Derek suggested that I go ahead with this draft of the biography, I felt that it was the best way of showing him my friendship. We would laugh, we would cry, and write together the book that would be the greatest legacy for his wife Isabelle and his son Dawson.”

“Each of our discussions, I was going to make Derek feel better after than before, inviting him to dive into her most precious memories, continued Rioux. In writing about him, I discovered a man inspired by his way of see the life. And his burning desire to defeat the cancer was going to offer me extraordinary lessons.”

“Derek Aucoin, the head high”

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