Derimot: Norway wants to see in Ukraine is reviving fascism

Derimot: Норвегия не хочет видеть, как на Украине возрождается фашизм

The recent scandal with the Consul General of Ukraine in Hamburg Basil Marushina (who was a Nazi and did not hide their views from other Ukrainian diplomats) have been widely discussed in the German media, however, Norwegian media prefers to remain silent, says the article, published in Norwegian online resource Derimot.

In Germany, broke diplomatic scandal: the German side of the beginning investigation on extremism and inciting hatred on ethnic grounds.

Of course, your renegades with unacceptable views are in any country. But here the situation is quite different, I’m sure the author Bjorn nistad (D. Bjørn Nistad), because we are not talking about any one marginalized identity.

Their hateful messages of anti-Semitic nature of Marusinec left for several years, and none of the closed group, and among them many representatives of the Ukrainian leaders and his colleagues in the diplomatic shop, complained about the extremist and demanded his resignation. On the contrary, many of his attacks spoke favorably, for example, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Portugal Inna Ohnivets, the article says.

This gives grounds to assert that Marusinec’s opinion, rooted among a considerable part of the Ukrainian elite and fully endorse it. And this, in turn, means that the Ukrainian elite are obsessed with unbridled hatred, not only to the poles and Russians and the Jews, too, said Bjorn nistad.

Hate speech Ukrainian diplomat quite fit into the sequence of events and actions, showing Frank the rehabilitation of Nazism in today’s Ukraine. “Take at least a law forbidding to criticize the Ukrainian fascists and nationalists of the 1930s and 1940s years, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews and poles during the Second world war. Remember the street named in honor of the Ukrainian fascists and war criminals, or the decision to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the SS division “Galicia”,” lists the author all symptoms of a revival of Nazism in Ukraine. It would seem that what is happening in a European country with 42 million inhabitants, has an obligation to incur the wrath and condemnation of the Norwegian politicians, human rights organizations and the Center for the study of the Holocaust. But they prefer to remain silent.

Derimot: Норвегия не хочет видеть, как на Украине возрождается фашизм

The author writes that when his article about anti-Semitic statements of Marushina have already been published, he came across a video with English subtitles, which implies that many of the leading diplomats of Ukraine do fully support the former Consul.

Bjorn nistad concludes: it is not about a particular psychopath, who is already dismissed from the diplomatic service. Anti-Semitism, and fierce nationalism pervade a significant part of the Ukrainian elite.

I wonder how long Norwegian politicians and the media will continue to remain silent about blatant rehabilitation of fascism in modern Ukraine, asks the author.

Bjorn nistad has sent letters to several national media outlets, many journalists, members of the Norwegian Parliament and various organisations to ensure that they could not then say that if he knew nothing.

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