Desjardins: the Fund and the Societerra Portfolios without oil

LEVIS | Desjardins group announced Saturday that its 17 Fund and the Societerra Portfolios are now 100% free of oil and pipelines.

As a result, the exposure of these investment products to producers and to the specialized transporters of fossil fuels has increased from 5% to 0%.

“This change represents a further step towards the energy transition for the Societerra and is part of a commitment to continue the efforts of the Desjardins group for their leadership towards a low-carbon economy, is there shown. It also allows investors that wish to commit more to have a product that better meets their changing expectations.”

The announcement of the Desjardins Movement occurs and ends on Sunday, the first Week’s virtual environment in Canada. Remember that 5 June is world environment Day and this year, Montreal was chosen as host city for North America.

For his part, the president and chief executive officer of Desjardins group; Guy Cormier, argued that “for nearly 30 years, Desjardins remains one of the actors most committed to the country in the promotion and advancement of responsible investment”.

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