Deslauriers won’t change its style

Deslauriers ne changera rien à son style

For about two hours Tuesday, Nicolas Deslauriers had the impression of being part of a team from the Ligue de hockey midget AAA. The colossus attacking the Canadian was happy to resume training with his teammates, but to do this, he had to wear a helmet with a grid, where the sensation of returning to adolescence.

This grid is a rite of passage for Deslauriers from his fracture to the face occurred during his violent battle against Brandon Baddock (Devils), September 17. If he could, he remiserait on-the-field.

“I tried to sign papers to not to wear the “cage” because I don’t like it, but I need to the door. The first day, it was different. You try to look in the holes. Now, when I patina or as I do exercises, I don’t see it. When I’m sitting, I see. This is not the look A1, but I have to live with.”

Deslauriers unknown for how long he will have to wear this grid, and, especially, when he can play his first game of the regular season. He knows, however, is that it does nothing to change his way of behaving on the ice.

“There is risk in every battle. This is not because I had surgery that there are more risks. This is the first question that I asked the lady who made the transaction. She told me that everything will be okay, but I’ll have to play with a grid for a certain time.

The fights here to stay

“This things happen”, was also noted Deslauriers. “I have been involved in many battles, and this is the first time such a thing happens to me. It’s part of the game. I am fighting for a position every time I’m on the ice, and that it is in the match out of competition or in season, I would do the same thing.”

Not only Deslauriers he said that the fights are part of the game, he also believes that they are here to stay. However, it notes that the hockey players who accept this job ungrateful can no longer survive in the NHL if they are limited to this role.

“There are no strong men who only do that. It is necessary to learn to play hockey also. This is where you can see that it is really different in hockey at the time. I don’t think it is going from [the fights], and I don’t think it should. Sometimes, it sends a small message. This happened to me, it is bad luck, but these are things that happen.”