Despite the high security of the iPhone, a group of hackers managed to unlock

Malgré la haute sécurité des iPhone, un groupe de pirates parvient à les débrider

We do not yet know the details of the vulnerability through which hackers are well known for their efforts to unlock the iPhone were able to foil the lock protection, but you can bet that Apple will try everything to filling it.

In the present case, we are not talking about a flaw of vulnerability that would allow a hacker to introduce malware or a computer virus, but a positive (jailbreak in the jargon English) which circumvents the security restrictions imposed by Apple.

Including the recent update to the iOS version 13.5 this week, this group of pirates can, therefore, unlock all of the iPhone to allow installation of programs or applications not approved by Apple, according to media reports dedicated to the new technology.

This game of cat and mouse continues, from the very beginnings of the dominance of iPhone in the market of smart phones. Apple sees this as a safety issue, a sort of game preserve, and for the pirates, at once a challenge, but also a willingness to customize their phones without restrictions.

The slap in the face

The discovery of the flaw has been posted on Twitter by the group uncOver.

It was thought that Apple had lately managed to close once and for all the doors to the unclamping, and no, this group of pirates comes to serve as a lesson to the giant apple, as what there will always be a way to pierce the carapace.

For their part, computer security experts advise against greatly the unclamping of the phones for the simple reason that this increases the possibilities of hacking, and vulnerability.

The unclamping of the iPhone by uncOver

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