Despite the uncertainty, the film imagines scenarios for the coming months

Malgré l'incertitude, le cinéma imagine des scénarios pour les mois à venir

PARIS | enclosed Rooms, great festivals cancelled until at least mid-July : the film sector, hard hit by the health crisis, cast our hopes on the second part of the year, and prepare scenarios for the post-containment, even if the horizon remains uncertain.

While the president of the Republic announced that the cinema would remain closed after may 11, and until further order, the president of the Fédération nationale des cinémas français (FNCF) Richard Patry wants to see a hope in “the possibility of a reopening, in a second time, between 11 may and mid-July”.

It would be for him “a chance for the French cinema”, the output of the number of american films has been postponed to the fall. “We will be able to resume (the movies) were released on 11 march, just before the containment”, he said in Paris on Wednesday.

But it “will have more resources to farmers, including to hire, to put in place new measures to protect spectators and to communicate and attract the public in cinemas”, he added. “The real worry, this is not closure, but the re-opening”.

According to estimates of the FNCF, the entries in the rooms should be down to 55 million over the period from early January to late may compared to the previous year, representing a loss of more than € 370 million for the sector.

The minister of Culture, Franck Riester has, however, recognized in The World that we “didn’t know” for the moment when the halls could reopen.

Once put in place emergency measures to help companies in the sector, and after having cleared exceptionally recent movies out on video on demand (VOD), the Centre national du cinéma (CNC) plate, in particular with the ombudsman of the cinema on a recommendation regarding the release of films during the reopening of the rooms.

“It is advisable (…) to achieve a balanced distribution in time of the supply of new rooms for the second half of the year, period “traditionally dense films”, showed it recently.


A label “Cannes2020” ?

The issue of the post is a thorny issue as for festivals, most notably Cannes, after the announcement that the great festivals could not be held before mid-July to a minimum.

The general delegate of the Cannes film Festival, Thierry Frémaux, who envisaged a time, a report at the end of June-beginning of July, however, refused to discard completely the sponge, saying that the event may continue in another form.

It refers to the possibility of creating a “label “Cannes2020″”, which might be associated with the parallel sections of the festival and that “would highlight the films you have seen.”

“We want to be present in the fall to contribute to the broad work of the reconquest of the cinema”, he added in an interview Thursday at the Figaro.

He mentioned the possibility of an alliance of Cannes, the Mostra of Venice, if this last could stand. “One can imagine something,” he reaffirmed in Nice-Matin on Friday, stressing that it is necessary to avoid that the film becomes “a field of ruins”.

“The independent operator to large groups such as Pathé or UGC, no one has the slightest income for over a month and it will last. The shoots are all halted, in the world. This is a disaster,” says Thierry Frémaux, who says he is “worried” for the film in cinemas.

The film Market that accompanies the Cannes film Festival, will offer a digital version for professionals in the 22 to 26 June, the details of which were given on Friday, with stands and pavilions, virtual, projections for online or video meetings.

The international animation film Festival of Annecy will also be a digital edition, while other events, cinemas and institutions are seeking innovative ideas.

The director of the cinematheque of Bologna, Gian Luca Farinelli, for example, has raised the hypothesis of a “drive-in” to replace the open-air screenings are traditionally held in Piazza Maggiore in the summer.

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