Destroying the plans of Kiev. Joker DNR

Разрушая планы Киева. Джокер ДНР

The government, the mafia and even the military has plans — they are planners who try to control their worlds close. I’m not a planner, but rather a destroyer of plans. I constantly prove how worthless their plans when destroy their plans, or use the inertia of their actions against them.

Information of the Ukrainian soldiers spent a lot of time and effort to the production of a number of information attacks. These actions are planned for the end of this week, probably in the night from Sunday to Monday. According to their plan, the residents of Donbass need to believe in their information before someone will be able to refute it. But I decided to ruin this plan, they turned on you in all its subtleties. Moreover, I would like to reserve the exclusive right to all sorts of man-made disasters and epidemics. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha…

And, so, that’s what these bad boys are up to:

— The information campaign “Cleavage”. Spread means the controlled media and Internet resources information on the environmental disaster associated with the sharp increase in radiation background in the area of Yenakiyevo, on the territory of the mine, “the Young Communard”. The argument – September 16, 1979, was produced by underground nuclear explosion at a depth of 903 metres between coal seams “Nine” and “Kirpichiki” with the aim of improving the safety of working coal seams.

— The information campaign “Health”. To distribute funds under the control of Internet resources with information about identifying problems associated with deterioration of General health status, and increase in the number of tuberculosis cases among residents of LDNR due to emissions of chemical substances at “Alchevsk metallurgical combine” in the city of Alchevsk. Argument Aug 12 – the Economic court of Lugansk region initiated proceedings on bankruptcy of OJSC “Alchevsk metallurgical plant”. The company is in decline and is not able to comply with safety standards.
— The information campaign “Shakhtar”. To distribute funds under the control of the Internet resource information about low social protection of this category of citizens in the LDNR, the constant delays of salary payments. The argument – available negative information occasions, particularly with a Committee of miners ‘ wives.

I think after my publication, Ukrainian news soldiers have to change their plans and spend time on an invention of something else. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha….

Joker DNR

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