Deutsche Bank in America, or Again firing at running targets

Deutsche Bank в Америке, или Снова стрельба по бегущим целям

To be continued?

November 19, the former CEO of Deutsche Bank, Thomas Byers, who headed the Department of the Bank asset management in the United States, committed suicide. He was found hanged at his home in Malibu (California).

Deutsche Bank в Америке, или Снова стрельба по бегущим целям

Bowers was a supervisor of the employee by Deutsche Bank rosemary Vrablic, “personal banker” Donald trump, to whom she in 1998 approved a loan of $40 million for the renovation belonging to the Trump building on wall street in new York and $300 million for the construction of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. Vrablic of prisutstvie at the inauguration of the trump in the VIPsection, and now waiting to be called to the Congress within the framework of the investigation of the relationship of the tramp with the German Bank.

Deutsche Bank в Америке, или Снова стрельба по бегущим целям

After the financial crisis of 2008, trump was unable to make payments under the loans and has filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank, demanding the Bank’s $3 billion in compensation for damages. In response, Deutsche Bank has filed a lawsuit against trump to seek the return of previously extended loans. After that, the division of Deutsche Bank asset management, which was headed by rosemary Vrablic, approved the issuance to Trump another loan so that he could return the loans, issued to him earlier by another office of the same Bank. The New York Times called this pattern of borrowing money “extraordinary act of Jewish financial arrogance”. The investigation carried out by the German Bank showed that in the negotiations on the loan trump inflated the value of their property is not less than 70%.

Deutsche Bank в Америке, или Снова стрельба по бегущим целям

“After a series of bankruptcies of enterprises in the gambling and hotel business in the 1990s, trump has become something of an outsider on wall street, and the giant German Bank remained one of the few financial institutions willing to give him money,” wrote The New York Times in July 2017. However, a few weeks before the inauguration of the trump, the Bank began an internal investigation to find out how deep the rosemary Vrablic associated with the new American President.

Deutsche Bank в Америке, или Снова стрельба по бегущим целям

In the late 1990-ies of the Deutsche Bank tried to make a name for himself on wall street and hired several traders Goldman Sachs to advance the commercial real estate market. One of them was Mike Offit, provided that the Trump loans yet the one with rosemary Vrablic. Now, two committees of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress and the attorney General of new York are investigating the relationship of the tramp with the German Bank and seem to find something to complain about. For example, Mike Offit had intended to approve the allocation of the loan to Trump casino Trump Marina in Atlantic city, but Edson Mitchell, a top Manager of Deutsche Bank, found that the signature office approving a deal forged. The loan is not passed, Mike Offit was fired, and Edson Mitchell died in a plane crash.

In 2003, a team of Deutsche Bank was hired to sell bonds on behalf of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. The joint efforts of the officials of the Bank and the trump managed to sell bonds worth hundreds of millions of dollars. A year later, in 2004, the company Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts announced a default on the bonds; clients of Deutsche Bank suffered heavy losses.

In 2006, Deutsche Bank lured in your state rosemary Vrablic, considered one of the best bankers for the super-rich Americans, and ensured her that she would be answerable only to Thomas Brauer, now hang (or hanged). Working in Deutsche Bank, Vrablic lent trump up to his victory in the presidential election of 2016, and trump “bought up property around the world”, writes the British media.

Bowers became the second top-Manager Deutsche Bank, who committed suicide. In 2014 Analytics for derivative financial instruments Deutsche Bank William Broeksmit also found hanged at his home in London. The death of Brocksmith provoked an unprecedented series of “suicide banking” – during the year, apart from life former fed officials and traders JPMorgan.

In America, few believe that Bowers committed suicide. “Epstein, now this guy, the next Rudi?” – write in the comments on the forums the Americans, hinting that the third in a series of bizarre suicides can become a personal lawyer trump Rudolph Giuliani caught in the middle of Ukraineit.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton gloat: “Remember the list of Clinton murders? We should start a version of the same list of trump…” And supporters of the trump answer that it stands for itself, Hillary, who struggled particularly eager to discredit the President. Apply anecdotes from the series of black humor: “the Police looks at the body with multiple garden tools (spade, rake, pruning knives, forks), protruding from the back of the body, and one policeman says to another: “Need an autopsy to determine the cause of death …””

Many publications about the death of Bowers ends with the words this is a developing story, to be continued. The scandal surrounding the relationship of the tramp with Deutsche Bank erupted. The strange death turns an election year in America to stage a “hybrid civil war”, where two irreconcilable camps stand against each other.Vladimir Prokhvatilov

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