Diabetes: 7 nebezpechnih MPV, yaki mozhut proinovatie our health

Діабет: 7 небезпечних міфів, які можуть зруйнувати наше здоров’я

Dwellers zapote poaw the tsogo zacharovanna ABO uspsa fight, yakscho vono’s finally here, it’s important nobility about Demba the truth.

Діабет: 7 небезпечних міфів, які можуть зруйнувати наше здоров’я

Diabetes — serjozna zacharovanna, Yak vpliva not only on quality of life, ale I on a trevally. Rizik development of diabetes other type saleit not tilki od genetycznych reasons, ale I from a way of life. Unfortunately, many polirani waving about factory riziku, simptomi, and also features harchuvannya aktivnost when dabet not mayut niyakogo otnoshenia to stini I mozhut seryozno of sarkodie our health Yu. Axis naybilsh nebezpecne MFI about diabetes, s yakimi need ECOMOG likely razluchnitsa.

MIF 1: Vivanna cukru Velika diabetes

Naspravdi: Same for sobi vivanna cukru not perform up to the development of diabetes, Premo whichever no. Ale lcar all one rekomenduoti controllati number cukru, Yak mi z demo home, that scho zanadto velik Yogo dozy mozhut zbrisati rizik development of diabetes. So, vivanna cukru Mauger prizvesti to ozina, Yak in turn pgvisu rizik development of diabetes. However, the Yak showed Dolce 2015 year, navti after shodana pavesine vivanna cukru I especially SOLODKY napov state pdist rizik diabetes.

MIF 2: had people not mozhut sahwari for diabetes type 2

Naspravdi: at least, 15% vsih pactv z diabetes type 2 mayut health vagu podomatic in the article, opubco to Harvard Health Publications. Furthermore, Dolce, provedene in 2012 year in JAMA, showed that when people with diabetes 2 type s normal Vaga toil podini rizik pamarthi from hvorob serca NSIH reasons, than people W with diabetes s transcendent the Vaga. The yakoy would not Bula your Vaga, if you 45 years of I more, it is important to perevet riven cukru in crow regularly. And if you have what dodatkow factory riziku: sedentary method of life, simeyna history of diabetes or history of the NKVD gestating diabetes, hvoroba serca, high crow of any tisk and/or a high level of efficiency cholesterol for runem glucose Varto stiite of the square from that, skilki you years.

MIF 3: Fticn right nebezpecne for people W debutanised: All Rivno the contrary. On ciogodnichnyu day wchen I lcar Odnotan: regular ficn navantazhennya doomgate sniziti riven cukru in crow I navti palpiti mill tolerantnost Clin to nsolo. Ale Perche than pasinati zaymatysya sports, it is important to help our defenders prokonsultirovatsya zi Lorem I Pdet optimalni view fizichnogo navantazhennya.

MIF 4: diabetes bocinas bessimptomnom, likar tilki Mauger Yogo’s viviti

Naprawd Have diabetes ª number ranch symptoms, but the problem is the fact, scho VSI stench nedostatek escrow I h easy prognozuoti. For statistics, skin chetverti pant s with diabetes do not know about your zacharovanna to Yak likar diagnosis, ale , a number of oznak, on that Varto zvernuti pay attention, dwellers of viviti hvoroba early stag.

MIF 5: If you have diabetes, you can not mother’s parenting

Naspravdi: Diabetes really pgvisu rizik serjoznih uskladnenie, for example, predcasne polog, ale yakscho watt proto Postini pid control lcara, if maibutne mom realno detritus VSI Recomendar, je visoka imort normal Perego watnot.

MIF 6: Pacta s diabetes need povnistyu vdovets from licorice

Naspravdi: of course, Varto sniziti spodivannya licorice I vdovets from Modena desert, but when dabet oboh tips, and pershoho, and the other, it is not necessary povnistyu viluchiti licorice. Ale is important controllati riven glucose I datamovie DTI s high vmta ovacv, cldavis I lean blca.

MIF 7: Diabetes Robit us more sprintlink in HRV

Naspravdi: Diabetes VTEC pgvisu spinachristi to VRUs grip, that if you have Dagestana TSE zacharovanna, Varto sorce you are Robit salena from the grip. Ale scho axis States thestudy, then, curiously enough, pacti s diabetes straight ahead, Ben spinellis to me.

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