Diabetic medications have side effect

Диабетические препараты имеют побочный эффект

Most diabetics who suffer from the disease of the second type take Metformin. Scientists have found that in addition to lowering blood sugar levels, it also brings threat of cellular debris that accumulates because of the radiation.

The problem of diabetes very seriously stood in front of a modern society, according to statistics, the disease began to suffer even small children. To combat this disease the second type, the doctors discharged patients Metformin, which helps the body to increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Recall that insulin causes the cells to absorb glucose from the blood.

The study of Metformin, the Russian scientists have determined that it copes not only with diabetes, but also leads to the removal of “garbage” from the body that positively affects all life processes. As a result of deep study the effect of this drug on the human body, it is established that it works effectively against malignant tumors, may increase the effectiveness of radiation therapy.


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