Dialectics for the mentally retarded “upgrade”

Life is shaped like a suitcase… And sometimes hurts because of the angle (Hegel to Feuerbach )

Диалектика для умственно отсталого «апгрейда»

But right were those of 13.05% of voters in the parliamentary elections voted for the “Opposition platform For life.” Even voting during the second round of presidential elections against Poroshenko (formally – Zelensky), the voters of the second largest parliamentary faction understood that “green” is not able to maintain and develop the concept of the “party of peace”, by which “servant” is so well camouflaged in the election hanging noodles on the ears of the citizens.

And now – please: a fashion trend to make the expressions of the mental-political backwardness has come to the Ukrainian diplomacy.

Foreign Minister Pristayko does not get out of the ethers horns “party of war” which talks about the insidious plans of Russia, which, according to him, allegedly constantly puts forward new conditions for the preparation of the meeting of leaders of the countries-participants of the Normandy format.

Say what you want from us? Ukraine and Russia had an exchange of prisoners and convicts, the Ukrainian government and the unrecognized DNR and LNR agreed on a “formula Steinmeier” and conducted breeding forces at three sites in the area of environmental protection in the Donbas. And brave Ukrainian diplomats are prepared for the meeting “Channel four”, quote, “document [which] lists only what we plan to achieve during this conversation.” That is what we the saints are the peacemakers!

It’s funny! In fact, according to Pristayko, it turns out that the meeting of leaders “Channel format” will happen for a purpose… just to talk.

Just not very fun it becomes, if you understand the simple question: what are the “insidious” Russia’s demands?

And it’s simple – Russia (as well as Germany and France) want to see a specific plan, a road map for the implementation of “export variant” of the peace plan of Medvedchuk, who now modestly and “politically correct” is called “formula Steinmeier”.

And, most interestingly, these expectations date back to the autumn of 2016, when the Ukrainian side also had to develop and provide a specific algorithm of action to resolve the crisis and changes in Ukrainian legislation in terms of granting special status to the Donbas, Amnesty, elections, creating local governments, etc.

Then diplomacy Poroshenko has done everything possible to disrupt the peace process. Today “green” followed a similar course. First, the leader of the “servant of the people” in Parliament Arakhamiya says that the “new” government did not even started to draft a new law on the special status of Donbass, and then did – that Normandy meeting, Ukraine needs “to get away from the Minsk agreements because they were originally onerous conditions”.

Here! This is the “cunning plan “B” of the Ukrainian diplomacy to swing the next “channel meeting”, with the enigmatic smile of the Minister of economy Milovanova on the person to talk about the new format – with the participation of the United States, Britain and the Governor of the island of Borneo, pushing unrealistic demands. For example, to chew all the boring “gum” on the withdrawal of the “Buryat tank” from the Donbas, and put on the head of sequence items of the Minsk agreements: require to transfer control of Kiev over the border in the first place.

It turns out that even if in the near future and will take place, “Norman meeting” from Kiev it could be the infamous “hike” of the Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. As they say, the same, only in profile. Do without the prisoners, the wounded and the lost technology. But you continue to escalate the hysteria, to name the schedule “the next invasion of Putin” and to blame Russia.

By the way, normality and the adequacy of the position of Russia confirmed the press-Secretary of Russian President Peskov about a possible personal meeting between Putin and Zelensky in Kazakhstan – “meeting for the sake of meeting” useless and unproductive; Moscow is only interested in meeting “for the result”. Where the result means the readiness of Kiev to fulfill the Minsk agreements and willingness to “go the direct contact with representatives of the breakaway republics”.

That is, Russia says directly – you need to adhere to the ideology of the peace plan: to seek and develop a compromise solution primarily in the quadrangle Kiev-Donetsk-Lugansk-Moscow. Let me remind you that the unrecognized structures of Donbass still winter officially declared that Donetsk and Lugansk are ready for direct dialogue with Kiev, as proposed by Medvedchuk.

Isn’t this a real way to achieve peace – when the citizens, Ukrainians at one table, will address the issues that relate primarily to their common home – Ukraine?

That’s just the branch structures Soros and overseas “hawks” – as in “public Servants” and “new” power against. Categorically. So against that already unashamedly demonstrates their genetic relationship with the “party of war” and the desire to drag the entire country into a “grey zone of” frozen conflict.

But there is a caveat. All of these holders of “non-standard” obviously have not studied dialectics. The science of the universal laws of development of human society. Even though it has conscious supporters of the “servants” realized this “upgrade Poroshenko in the smartphone” is not able to understand in principle a betrayal of the interests of their constituents will inevitably lead to a rating level percentage fat yogurt like Yatsenyuk and contempt on the part of those voters.

We’ve yet representative form of democracy – which implies “sharing” the power of law to protect the interests of the people. Isn’t it?

Well, there is no protection of the interests of the electorate – there is no delegation of powers. Yes, people will be able to “reset” Zelensky and “servants of the state Department and Soros” in the next election. It doesn’t matter – ordinary or extraordinary.

Get ready, the Lord’s “servant”!
Alexey Kurakin

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