“Diane asks for a recount” of Marie-Renée Lavoie: start her life over again

«Diane demande un recomptage» de Marie-Renée Lavoie: recommencer sa vie

After the huge success of his best-selling book Autopsy of a woman flat, the writer Marie-Renée Lavoie offers us the continued adventures of the colourful and endearing Diane Delaunais in her new novel, Diane asks for a recount. Dialogues tasty, stories weird and acid humour are waiting for you in this very funny novel to read immediately.

At the dawn of the age of fifty, Diane had to make a cross on her marriage. After défoulée on a large number of trinkets, she drowns now its disappointments over a few drinks in the company of Claudine, her best friend.

Decided not to run in circles in her kitchen, she found a new job at the nursery of a primary school and is committed in her new life.

Generous, she always has a lot of love to give… and believe while there’s still room for a man in this new life.

But reconnect with the love and sensuality in the fifties, it is quite an adventure for her !

In the interview, Marie-Renée Lavoie ensures that it has not finished writing the adventures, and the trials and tribulations of Diana Delaunais, a heroine simple, very funny and engaging, which makes it see all the colors.

“This is a book that is good, and I like it to do well. There are books that sometimes lend themselves more to reflection, to the study of the feelings, but with Diane, we want this to be lightweight. Diane and Claudine are two good “buddies” who are doing what they can, in life, with the small misfortunes which come to them. I have a lot of fun to write ! ”

Renewal professional

In this second volume, Diane returns on the labour market, in the school environment.

“I wanted to put it on the floor of the cows, and soak his little heels dry in real life. ”

A diagnosis of “syndrome of the woman to the home,” carried by a doctor dismissively. And for the little story, Marie-Renée says that this subtle commentary is based on a true story that occurred in a woman of his entourage… ” Ah, nevermind, this will be in a book one day ! ”

Marie-Renée Lavoie is taken of affection for its heroine, a woman of Limoilou, facing all kinds of difficulties.

“When I started writing, Diane, it was in part because I could see the couples who broke all around me. In the mid-forties, it fell like flies…”

Love life

Start her life over again, or parts of its life, then is the reality for many people. “I put Diana in a new professional as well. It is very confronting, on a daily basis, to be with young people in the work, and to be in this desire to seduce her : her love life, we guess, is not finished. She wants to still of beautiful years in front of it. ”

But this is not easy. “She was a devoted mother, who thought above all to his family. She ends up with the real life, and maybe it is more hard for a 50 year-old woman than for a man of 50 years. This small cruelty she sees – we can’t generalize – that it is a little harder for her and Claudine. ”

Claudine, a woman, very down-to-earth, is a kind of “lightning rod” for Diane, who is perhaps a little more naïve, adds the author. “It makes me a beautiful duo of ladies with which I have a lot of fun. ”

  • Marie-Renée Lavoie has won many prizes with his novels, of which The small and the old and The tanks are dying too.
  • Autopsy of a woman platform, the first volume of the adventures of Diane Delaunais, has also been published in France and English-speaking Canada and has sold some 10,000 copies.
  • She lives in Quebec city.
  • She is currently working on a science fiction novel for youth. A third volume of Diane and a project for the tv are in the works.


Diane asks for a recount
Marie-Renée Lavoie
Éditions XYZ
280 pages.”>

Diane asks for a recount
Marie-Renée Lavoie
Éditions XYZ
280 pages.

“They even managed to make me “dance” to let me believe that I touched the feet at the right time, as I followed the movement, that my body accepted to be commanded, to turn into a yoyo by the interplay of the arms that grow, retain, and reactivate. Then I closed my eyes to feel my movements without seeing them, test my fluency, imagination without breaking the illusion. I was carried by the fog of the alcohol and the happiness of being loved, I felt beautiful and powerful, unattainable. Fortunately that Claudine had me confiscated my phone, I would have been able to do stupid things by excessive enthusiasm. “

– Marie-Renée Lavoie, Diane asks for a recount, Editions XYZ

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