Diary of the siege, over 75 years ago died of Tanya Savicheva

Дневник блокады: 75 лет назад умерла Таня Савичева

75 years ago died of Tanya Savicheva. Diary of this girl who had led him perishing from famine to Leningrad, and the string “Savicheva all died, there was one Tanja” known throughout the country. The correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Anastasia Glebova – about a young Leningrad and her diary.

The third kilometer of the Road of life. Here, on the earthen mound has eight granite slabs. This is a page from the diary of Tanya Savicheva. Meager line, without emotion, and literary details. But the more terrible their content. Entry the first: “Eugene died 28 December at 12.30 o’clock in the morning, 1941”. It wrote the girl in the beginning of the blockade was only 11 years old. The schoolgirl, who for some six months buried almost all their relatives.

The girl was the youngest child in the family. Savicheva not included in the first wave of evacuation.

Terrible hungry winter of 1942, they met in the besieged city. First was her older sister Eugenia. That’s when Tanya started her diary.

“He died a month later Tanya’s grandmother then died of Leka, the older brother of Tanya, in fact, his name was Leonid, she childishly called him so. Then dead uncle Bob, uncle Alex. Both brothers, her father lived in an apartment above a floor of the same building on Vasilievsky island,” – said Liana Gajaria, Methodist, Museum and educational activities of the Museum of history of St. Petersburg.

This small notebook the size of a palm and there’s the schoolgirl’s diary. The last line the girl made may 13, 1942, when her mother passed away.

“Savicheva died. They’re all dead. There was one Tanja”.

Two years later, the girl died in the evacuation due to starvation and the death of loved ones was too heavy tests.

In the house Savichevs on the 3rd line long other people live. In their apartment on the first floor at the end of the war the family settled Uralovich. When Tanya Savicheva learned the whole Union, started coming here people. The doors were opened to all. Lines from the diary of Tanya here memorized.

“I read them a few times when I was a kid, then in middle age, and now, when I am in the third age arrive. And each time it has something new is experienced. Because your experience allows you to read what is written there, and what we already know thanks to the memoirs. And this, of course, a terrible thing. It’s very sharp,” said Alexander Uralov, the landlord Savichevs.

Tanya never found out that he died not all Savicheva. Sister Nina and brother Michael who are presumed dead, survived. After the war, they found and saved the diary. Notebook, combining the tragedy not only of one family but the whole country, became a symbol of the blockade.

Tanya Savicheva was buried in the village of Shatki in the Nizhny Novgorod region.