Did the UPA in the liberation of Ukraine 75 years ago

Участвовала ли УПА в освобождении Украины 75 лет назад

© RIA Novosti, Sergei StarostenkoTo the 75-th anniversary of liberation of Ukraine national Bank of Ukraine issued a commemorative coin with the image of the red army first used the image of the UPA and the red poppy. That is something that has nothing to do with the events of autumn 1944 is irrelevant.Continuing to impose a historical myth, the new government is increasingly moving away from the real values of the liberation. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that it loses the state in the same way as the previous one.

The desire to join the great event is justifiable for the Western ideology of nationalism.Not casually for many years, has propagated the myth of a “war on two fronts”, against the Wehrmacht and the red army, “for an independent Ukraine”. He obviously had to magnify the role of the UPA (generally very small) to justify active collaboration with the Germans of the nationalist leaders, and forever to rebuild Bandera from other armed groups that emerged after the split of the OUN.

Nationalist movement 40 years in Western Ukraine was presented as a “national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people” in that time. In modern Ukraine a substitution of concepts has become one of the strategic goals of those who received all completeness of the power in 2014.

Only against what and for what was this struggle?

The true meaning of liberation of Ukraine is well seen through the plans of the Reich in respect of that territory: the master plan of the “East” (“OST”), the plan “Oldenburg” and the hunger Plan.

The first little known to the General public. Far more popular of the Declaration of intention to acquire land for the German people in the East set out by Hitler and his associates, as well as the works of geopolitics, which created the concept of “living space”.

But “the East”, which appeared in 1942, it has specific planning figures, terms, events, funding. And I have to say: it practically does not affect the territory belonging to the Federation, focusing on the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine.Moreover, our southern regions and the Crimea was regarded as a German native land, Gotengo. There was a need to restore the German population “in a completely foreign environment”, which should be given special attention from the state.

What this attention has resulted, in practice, shows the laying of the “Reich Commissioner for strengthening the German people” on Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler to the period of colonization and Germanization of the Eastern provinces. People in black uniforms, whose working methods were discussed in detail at Nuremberg, had the authority to issue special laws for germanisraeli areas to form a judicial and Executive power.

Be brief: about any state in the Eastern territories of the speech could not be.

If, after the occupation of France, Norway, Denmark, Holland they had saved the state and all the structures of administration, from the municipalities, the presidents of Poland and the Soviet Union were seen as wild lands conquered by force of German arms.

All they had to become New Germany and controlled by German authorities. And the state “creates opportunities for strengthening the German nation, which owns the exclusive right of ownership of all applicants for settlement land in the Eastern regions”.And not only the earth, but also real estate, cities. Outlining the basic principles of organization of urban life, the authors of the plan did not mention the local population. It’s like there. As for the people in rural areas, they are considered as a source of “foreign labour” and material resources — not more.

Everything that was supposed to be built on Ukrainian land for highways, Railways, hydroelectric power plants, the water supply and Sewerage, cultural institutions, specifically with the only comfort of the German people. “They will create a native German human environment, and in General, agricultural use is only possible on the German model”.

About the fate of those who lived here before the colonization of their rights and responsibilities, about what they will get, the General plan “OST” say nothing but the words “Germanization” and “eviction”.

It was assumed that by the end of the development of the “Eastern areas” will be there live approximately 2.9 million people in rural areas (1.8 million — Germans), and 4.3 million in urban areas (2.2 million Germans). For example, in the Kherson region was supposed to arrive in the order of 364 thousand German settlers. Which was supposed to go nearly 31 million citizens of the USSR? The answer is obvious.Plan “Oldenburg” resonates with the General plan “OST” in one simple question: all material assets acquired Eastern territories become the property of the German state. Account for them in the ground and built a New Germany.

Appearing a year before, the plan of operation territory of the USSR included, like to put at the service of the Reich all that is seized by force of arms in the territory between the Vistula and the Urals. Including Ukraine, of course, which was originally viewed as agrarian and raw materials appendage, without the development of the industry.

In turn, the “Oldenburg” echoes the plan of the state Secretary of the Imperial Ministry of food and agriculture Herbert Bakke in the part of the army and the Old Reich food. That was not on the needs of the German armed forces, had to go to Germany. It is also supposed to reduce “the surplus population”.

That is the fate written for Ukraine.

Rebelled against her Galician volunteers who joined the SS division? Definitely not, because it is impossible “to strengthen the German people” under the leadership of Himmler and to fight for the Ukrainian people. These people took up arms in order to help Nazi Germany to destroy forever what was called Ukraine. Do not try to hide it under good intentions to do something “later”.Fought against plans for the destruction of the leaders of the West Ukrainian nationalism and their military units?

Either. In 1948, when many of his colleagues pretended that I never heard about Hitler, Stepan Bandera wrote directly and without frills:

“When Germany went to war against Russia, our enemy, the Ukraine (i.e., Western Ukrainian nationalists. — Ed.) could not take unfavorable of this fact… Therefore our line of action was clear: relentless pursuit of its willingness to friendly relations and to the overall war against Bolshevik Russia, and only against her… a political line, we believe the only correct, we have planned to implement it and heavy casualties have defended — and it is always recognised”.

Strictly speaking, the “Act of proclamation of Ukrainian state” June 30, 1941, contains this paragraph:

“The restored Ukrainian state will work closely with the National Socialist Velikopermskiy, which under the leadership of Adolf Hitler creates a new order in Europe and the world and helping the Ukrainian people break free from under Moscow’s occupation.

The Ukrainian National Revolutionary Army, which will be created on Ukrainian soil, will continue in cooperation with the allied German army against Moscow’s occupation for a Sovereign Conciliar Ukrainian State and the new order in the world.”

Thus, the new order, which, again, does not imply any Ukrainian state, and only the destruction and expulsion of Ukrainians fully supported by the fathers of Galician integral nationalism.”A war on two fronts” in this context should be seen as a continuation of the Alliance, after all, strikes at the rear of the red army, breaking the Nazi plans, it is impossible to consider nothing else. And its project state, the OUN is simply not there.

On the contrary, the liberation for which it paid with his life, in particular, 3.3 million natives of Ukraine, suggested a completely different future. It was implemented in subsequent years: unified state with all the attributes; developed industry and science; the rapidly growing population and social mobility.

But even mathematically equalize hundred thousand “heroes of UPA” and more than three million Ukrainians is hardly possible.

War twice swept across the country within its borders in 1991, leaving in almost every village and city of brotherly grave of warriors. Of ten “Stalin’s blows”, a major strategic offensive operations of 1944, the four were held on the territory of Ukraine, and the fifth, Jassy-Kishinev, the forces of the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian fronts.

In fact, the liberation of the state in its pre-war limits ended in August — and it tried to prevent the SS division “Galicia”.

The October release was due to the Carpathians, belonged to the first Czechoslovakia, and then Hungary. So presenting any claims the Transcarpathian Hungarians, today’s politicians would be nice to remember that 75 years ago the Red army and the Czechoslovak corps was cleared of the enemy is not the territory of Ukraine.And speaking at the United Nations that the Ukrainian SSR was his sovereign co-founder in 1945.That’s all I got independent Ukraine was created without those on the commemorative coin is represented by a profile in the “mazepinka” and under the flag, which shamefully replaced by the flower of the same color. Moreover, it was created in spite of.

Too many people know and remember that you snap on to replace the great void. Such efforts led to the fact that a single state is more or less retains signs of growth and civilization rapidly fell in 2014 and continues to crumble, losing the last one.

The inability to admit the obvious in the interests of the majority would mean that the General plan “OST” is still actively pursued beginning with “optimization” of the population, turning the country into a raw materials appendage and a transition to management representatives of foreign administration, which sees no use in the existence of the national state in the “Eastern territories”. Dmitry Zaborin

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