Die Welt: France intends to reduce the EU’s dependence on NATO

Die Welt: Франция намерена понизить зависимость ЕС от НАТО

France is going to make serious amendments in article of the EU Treaty relating to military assistance, writes Die Welt. In particular, Paris believes that any EU country, even a member of NATO, must obtain Union assistance in the event of an attack. In addition, European countries should be a collective military assistance, even if the US veto the rule of collective security. According to one European diplomat, it is that the Europeans can ensure their safety.

France urged other member countries of the EU to improve the defense of the Union and make it less dependent on NATO, reports Die Welt. It is noted that Paris intends to make major amendments to an article about military assistance of the EU Treaty.According to the French proposal, any EU country, regardless of the size of its armed forces must, in case of attack, to obtain the necessary assistance. This applies to such EU countries as Sweden and Finland are not members of NATO. In addition, European countries are members of NATO must also be able to help, even if the US veto of Turkey or prevent the activation of the item on collective security.”France, in particular, says that Europeans must be ready to ensure their safety in emergency situations”, — quotes Die Welt in the words of one European diplomat.According to the French proposal, in the case of an attack on one of the EU countries, the focal point of assistance should be a European external action service. Besides, all EU countries will have to raise their level of readiness, in case if the attacked state will require military or civil assistance. In addition, Paris offers to clarify in the EU Treaty require that if the protection of such special cases as cyber-attacks or so-called “hybrid war”.According to the publication, France had intended to make suggestions last week, during the Congress of Ministers of defence of the EU, but most member countries decided that for this discussion it is also necessary the presence of the Ministers of foreign Affairs.Die Welt reminds that a week ago, French President Emmanuel macron urged Europe to strengthen the defense, because NATO cannot be relied upon.

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