Died a famous French actress Anna Karina

Умерла известная французская актриса Анна Карина

On 14 December in Paris died Anna Karina. The famous French actress died from cancer at 80-m to year of life. This publication reports the AFP.

The French culture Minister Frank Riester wrote on Twitter that with the death of Anne French cinema “orphaned, having lost one of its legends.”

Умерла известная французская актриса Анна Карина

Anna Karina was the star of the “new wave” of French cinema. Danish by birth, she was born in Copenhagen in 1940. Then she moved to Paris, where, on the advice of his friend Coco Chanel, took the pseudonym of Anna Karina.

In 1961, she starred in Director Jean-Luc Godard in “a woman is a Woman”. After that they got married and lived together for seven years. In the course of his life Anna also got married three times.

Among her best-known works – roles in films “Live your life”, “Mad Pierrot”, “Band of outsiders”, “Alphaville”, “Foreign” Made in USA”. It was also known as a theatre actress and writer.

Anna Karina won the “Silver bear” for best actress at the 11th Berlin international film festival.

It is known that in the hospital with an actress was her ex-husband, Director Danny berry.

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