Died owner of the award “Cesar”, actress Anemone

Умерла обладательница премии «Сезар», актриса Анемон

French actress Anne Bourguignon, who performed under the pseudonym Anemone, has died at the age of 68, reports

As reported by the agent of the actress, she passed away after a long struggle with the disease. According to media reports, the actress was suffering from lung cancer.

Anna Bourguignon was born in Paris on 9 August 1950. During his career, the artist has performed dozens of roles in movies and TV series.

Most popular Anemone was the role of the employee counseling services in the picture is Jean-Marie Poire “Santa Claus is garbage” that appeared on the screens in 1982. And for her role in the film “Big road”, released in 1987, the actress received the French national film award “Cesar”.

The Bourguignon had two children. In recent years, the actress left the screens, but continued to play in the theater. The last time she appeared on stage in 2017 in the play Les Nœuds au handkerchief.