Died the husband of the Queen, Prince Henrik of Denmark

The husband of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Prince Henrik died 13 Feb.

Помер чоловік королеви принц Данії Хенрік

This was reported today by the press service of the Royal Palace, reports Rus.Media.

“His Royal Highness Prince Henrik died in his sleep on Tuesday, February 13, at 23:18 at the Fredensborg Palace. Next to the Prince were Her Majesty the Queen and the two sons of”, – stated in the message.

Prince Henrik was 83 years old. On 28 January he was admitted to the Department of pulmonary surgery for examination of the tumor in the left lung. It turned out to be benign.

Earlier, the press service of the Royal Palace announced about the deterioration of the health of the Prince during his stay in Egypt.

In early August of 2017, the Prince said that he did not wish to be buried beside his wife in Roskilde Cathedral (burial place of Danish kings), as previously planned. In Denmark it is no secret that Prince Henrik was always dissatisfied with my title, which put him at a disadvantage with his wife.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (77 years) met my husband in London in the mid 1960-ies at the London school of Economics over lunch with mutual friends. But then special experience French Margrethe is not made. In the spring of 1966 they met again at one of the weddings in Scotland, and there, the stories of the Queen, she realized that she fell in love. In the summer of 1967, the couple married. The couple’s two sons Fredrik and Joakim, as well as eight grandchildren. In 2017, Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik celebrated their Golden wedding.

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