Digest: Erdogan goes to Putin. But first will meet with the Americans

Дайджест: Эрдоган едет к Путину. Но сначала встретится с американцами

On Tuesday it became known that the Syrian army took the town of Manbij on the border with Turkey, which before was under the control of the allies, and where two American military bases. It is in this place now is the line of contact between Turkish and Syrian forces which reportedly has already begun to patrol the Russian military police to prevent clashes.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara would not object to the Syrian army controlled Manbij is the main thing, he said that the city left the Kurdish formations. “Distinguished [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, I said the same thing. If you clean Manbij from terrorists, then please you or let it will provide,” – Erdogan said to Turkish journalists aboard the plane on the way from Azerbaijan, where he was on an official visit.

On the eve on the initiative of the Turkish side a telephone conversation of Erdogan and Putin. According to the results, it was announced that the Russian President has invited Erdogan in the coming days in Moscow, and the invitation was accepted. Apparently, the visit to Moscow will take place after the talks with the Americans on Wednesday in Ankara sent Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who will try to persuade Turkey to stop the offensive on the border with Syria.

Turkish offensive in Syria: a crushing moment for policy Saveset a high-level delegation will be held ahead of the sanctions against Turkey from the United States. Washington made it clear that he is ready to impose new sanctions, however, Erdogan said that the operation against the Syrian Kurds will continue, and the us sanctions, Turkey is not disturbed. “Until you have completed all the objectives of the operation, it will continue. Regarding sanctions, we have a concern. Our goal is to remove terrorists in 32 km from the border,” he said.The UN Security Council will hold an emergency closed meeting in connection with the situation on the border of Turkey and Syria. The meeting was convened at the request of five European members of the Council – France, Britain, Germany, Poland and Belgium. Last week, the parties tried to hold a similar meeting, but due to the disagreement are unable to agree on a joint statement.

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