Digital will return in 2021

Digital will return in 2021

COVID-19 controlled or not, there will be online broadcasting during the 2021 edition of the Quebec City Film Festival.

Ian Gailer, Managing Director, confirms this the day after the 10th edition, which was held over five days.

“There has always been a kind of opposition between digital and theatrical cinema. The experience of this year allows us to believe that the two modes of distribution can coexist. It also allows us to provide access to the culture of the Magdalen Islands in Rouyn-Noranda, ”he said in a telephone interview.

Robert Lepage, Martin and Jean Villeneuve (Imelda 2: the notary).

Extrapolating with a rule of three, the number of moviegoers who purchased the screening passport online resembles the number of theatrical admissions for the 2019 edition.

Five performances with a small audience were sold out to 327 spectators compared to 12,000 in 2019.

“We are going to survey these people in order to have a more precise picture of the digital aspect. There are people who watched the films in small groups and also as a family. We have the number of links, but not the number of views, ”he noted.

Ariane Mainville and Katerine Savard (Nadia, Butterfly).

Challenge met

Presenting a film festival in the context of a pandemic was a tall order. A challenge that was taken up by the Quebec City Film Festival. Ian Gailer is satisfied.

“We wanted there to be an edition this year and just the fact of having managed to present one is extraordinary. The challenge was not easy, but we took it up and we are proud, ”he said, a few hours after the crowning of Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette's film The Goddess of Fire Flies .

Ian gailer

Not seeing thousands of people at Place d'Youville for the evening screenings was the biggest drawback of this anniversary edition.

“The world is the thing that we missed the most,” dropped Ian Gailer.

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