Dijon mustard, churchkhela, pretzel: the idea of original Souvenirs

Дижонская горчица, чурчхела, брецель: идеи оригинальных сувениров

I can’t imagine a vacation without magnet on the memory? You’re wasting it! Why do you need these banal Souvenirs? The title of knight, sea coconut or violet in the Sahara – agree that the reaction to such a gift from the journey will be much brighter. And be not hurt in any case. This should pre-study the culture of the country in which you are going, and to choose a gift for the soul. “MIR 24” will help calculate how much money you have to spend on Souvenirs in different parts of the world.

In search of unusual gifts is almost always worth it to go to the flea market. Feel free to read directions from a local. For example, Parisians will point you to the stalls of St.-Ouen. Don’t forget to buy Dijon mustard, cheese and, of course, lavender honey from Provence. Oh, and the wax figurines in the form of busts of great people such as Napoleon. Talking about candle Trudon. For this beauty of half a Kingdom to give optional, prepare 37 euros.

After a rest on Cyprus, check out the local shop and grab a package of ground coffee. From Lefkara ladies can bring elegant lace 20 euros. Tourists are told that this souvenir in the form of blankets purchased once himself Leonardo da Vinci.

Spain is famous for flamenco and paella. But what to bring there? Violets in sugar – this floral dessert glorified Barcelona, so you can find it in the store will not be difficult. You will have to pay 20 euros per kilogram.

And that in Germany? Ate sausages and explored ancient castles, it’s time to take care of the middle and bring the best edible souvenir – pretzels. I’m afraid not going to drive on the road and all of them? Then look for gifts with the symbolism of this sweet friend. Not do without German chocolate, of course. If you’re in the black forest, pay attention to the cuckoo clock. Where they were invented, they still cut wood by hand, so get ready to spend more than 100 euros for a unique souvenir.

Hospitable Georgia don’t just let any tourist. This will add to your suitcase ancient sweetness churchkhela. Want with nuts, like hazelnuts or pure fruit dessert, you will find for any taste in any market. Don’t miss another sweet dried persimmon Chiri. This you have not tried! Colleague grab a traditional male headdress – Svan hat from felt.