Diogenes-a traveler from France crossed the Atlantic in house barrel

Диоген-путешественник из Франции переплыл Атлантику в доме-бочке

A unique achievement was established by the French traveler Jean-Jacques Shroud. He managed to swim across the Atlantic ocean in a barrel. On this the men went 122 days, according to .

Barrel, of course, was not the usual and rather resembled a small house. Three meters in length and two in height, bed, durable housing and large stocks of food. Elite alcohol and foie Gras, among other things. On the roof of the Shroud was placed solar panels, which enabled him even to send your coordinates during travel.

The man started its alloy on the island of El Hierro, in the Canary Islands. Most of the time he was moving at a speed of two to three miles per hour, because no sails or motor Shroud is not used. A wave carried him forward.

To pay dangerous journey – and it was worth more than $65 thousand. – extremals helped the French research Institute that produces barrels of the company and crowdfunding. At the same time he has not earned a penny yet. Says she did it for fun, wanted to be alone with themselves and with marine life, which can be easily viewed through the inserted floor in the window.

It should be noted that 72-year-old traveler has not yet reached the shore. He just entered the waters of the Caribbean sea, which allows to Express the full Atlantic crossing. Now the Shroud is planning to contact the freighter that will take him a barrel to the shore. Presumably, his adventure he will end up in Martinique – that is, an overseas territory of France. Otherwise he may have problems due to illegal crossing of the border on an unregistered ship.

Now the thrill-seeker wants to write about his travel book in the near future to cross the English channel. Also in the barrel.