Diphtheria reached the capital: the disease revealed that the 9-year-old from Kiev

Дифтерия добралась до столицы: заболевание выявили у 9-летнего киевлянина

© nadi0 / flickr– Confirmed case of diphtheria was recorded by the nine year old boy in Kiev, is preparing disinfection of the place of residence and education of the child. About it reported in group of public health Center of Ministry of health of Ukraine in Facebook.
“Diagnosis “diphtheria” established on 24 October on the basis of the bacteriological data. For the introduction of a serum is no evidence”, — stated in the post.

According to the Center, the child was in contact with 45 people, 36 of whom were children, their inspection is scheduled for Friday, October 25.

“At the place of residence and study organized disinfection”, — specified in the material.Earlier the General Director of the public health Center of Ministry of health of Ukraine Mr Kurpita reported that the National University in Uzhgorod has suspended classes due to the outbreak of diphtheria.

Diphtheria — an acute infectious disease. It is caused by the diphtheria Bacillus. It is transmitted by airborne droplets, but it can be transmitted through household items, kitchenware and toys. From the first seconds of contact with the human body, the wand starts to produce aggressive toxin that enters the bloodstream. Diphtheria is more dangerous than measles, because the mortality from this infection reaches 50%.