[DIRECT 9 MAY] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT 9 MAI] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic COVID-19 has changed our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis, which is hitting the population, governments and the economy.

LAST BALANCE sheet | 9: 40am


: 3 959 249

: 275 328

: 1 331 068


Affected by the virus
: 66 434, 36 150, Quebec

: 4569, 2725, Quebec

All the news from the Saturday, may 9

To READ | A placement agency strongly criticised, which is running at full throttle during the crisis by providing the Health network of charge to the beneficiaries at double the employee’s regular wages, indicates to have nothing to be reproached because everything has been negotiated with the government.

7: 47 | Virus: Iran has more than 1500 new cases, increase in the south-west.

The iranian authorities reported on Saturday a rise in new cases of COVID-19 in the south-west, announcing more than 1,500 new infections on the whole territory of the country.

“All the provinces show a gradual decrease in the number of new infections (…) with the exception of that of Khouzestan (south-west) where the situation is still worrying,” said Kianouche Jahanpour, a spokesperson for the ministry of Health.

The ministry of Health has stopped publishing the balance sheet of the pandemic to provincial level for almost a month, including limiting travel between regions.

READING | A study reports that cancer patients are up to 6 times more at risk of developing severe complications and dying from the Covid-19.

7h46 | COVID-19: China ” admits “gaps” in its health system.

To READ | “The girls that work here, they are exceptional”.

6: 45am | Las Vegas, ghost-city.

Las Vegas is almost as empty as the desert that surrounds it.

6: 30 am | During the outbreak, the deforestation of the Amazon is accelerating.

The deforestation of the amazon rainforest has accelerated this year, raising fears that prevent a repeat of the devastation record of last year.

6: 15am | Roy Horn, the famous magician of Las Vegas, died of the coronavirus.

The conjurer u.s. Roy Horn, half of the famous duo of Las Vegas “Siegfried and Roy” died Friday at the age of 75, of complications related to the new coronavirus, announced his agent.

6.10 am | One shirt of Maradona to help the poor of Buenos Aires.

The sale of a jersey of the Argentina national team signed by Diego Maradona helped raise funds for a poor district of Buenos Aires hard hit by the coronavirus.

6: 00 am | victim urges women to seek help.

A victim of domestic violence, encourages other women in her situation do not hesitate to ask for help, even in a crisis period, because the services are there to accompany them.

To READ | The fear of the coronavirus does not slow down the flow of migrants across the desert.

5: 45 am | GE Aviation reduced its workforce by 25 %.

GE Aviation announces a 25% reduction in its workforce of approximately 52, 000 employees worldwide.

5h30 | A Committee action to stimulate the activity of the courts.

An action Committee on the administration of the courts in the time of a pandemic COVID-19 was installed Friday by the federal minister of Justice and the president of the canadian Council of the judiciary.

5h15 | cut off from his family to protect seniors.

Taking to heart the health of the elderly, a director of a seniors ‘ residence in Montreal has chosen to isolate himself from his family and remain on site for five weeks.

5: 00 am | First event of a COVID-19 at the penitentiary in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.

Inmates at medium-security the penitentiary in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines are in complete isolation since Wednesday, when two employees were declared positive for the COVID-19.

 4h30 | Inquiries by e-mail to the COVID-19.

Quebec firm for the moment, the door to the geolocation of patients with COVID-19 and put on a software that can track by email track infected people and their contacts.

 4: 00 | Labelling unilingual: the translators fear for the safety of Quebecers.

The professional order of translators in Quebec is completely unjustified the decision of Health Canada to enable the labelling of certain products, only in English, the time of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

BUREAU Of INVESTIGATION | Treatment with fear

They were already exhausted. For years, the charge to the beneficiaries are demanding better working conditions and an adequate wage. Our reporter from the investigation Bureau went to work as a patient care attendant in an intermediate resource for a week.

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