Directorate-general of the UNESCO: The former minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay elected

The former minister of culture François Hollande, Audrey Azoulay. — NICOLAS MESSYASZ/SIPA

L’former minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay was elected director-general of the
UNESCO on Friday during a vote in Paris. It has been designated on the occasion of a 5th and final round of voting by the 58 members of the executive Board at 18 hours 30.

At the age of 49 years, Audrey Azoulay obtained 30 votes against 28 for his opponent. This choice, however, must still be approved by the general conference of member States on 10 November, according to the official results.

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Several countries, including Egypt threatened to leave the un institution, if the applicant is qatari prevailed. Hamad Al-Kawari, 69 years old, has also been minister of Culture, and is a familiar of the united Nations, where he has served as vice-president of the general Assembly.

Born in August 1972, Audrey Azoulay is the daughter of André Azoulay, adviser to the king of Morocco. Holder of a master degree in management at Paris Dauphine and a master of management the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom, she is also a graduate of Sciences Po and the ENA, in the same promotion that a certain… Fleur Pellerin. She then spent eight years at the Centre national du cinéma (CNC), as deputy Director of the audiovisual, financial Director and legal Director general delegate.

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