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Saleté américaine

Really, there are things that happen at this time in the United States that give cold in the back. And no, it’s not about the guy with the orange hair.

Imagine that in 2020, in a western democracy, we had to cancel the tour for a author because we were afraid for his safety, the booksellers who received threats of violence.

This is not a fatwa, but it produces the same result : it terrorizes an author and a whole community. We saw really a time delirious.


The book is titled American Dirt (Dirt american). It is written by Jeanine Cummins. This novel, whose rights to a film adaptation have already been sold, tells the story of a Mexican woman who flees her country with her eight year old son. The problem is that Ms. Cummins is no more mexican that I am guatemalan.

Yeah kip, will you tell me ? But it is without counting on the climate of censorship that blows in this time on the America.

Salma Hayek, who was being photographed with the book in his hands, had to apologize later. A group of 90 authors wrote in the famous Oprah Winfrey to ask him to withdraw American Dirt from her famous Book Club.

In fact, Cummins has a grandmother who is puerto rican, but for the angry crowd, she did not have enough blood in Latin american in the veins to allow you to write about a woman from Latin america.

Flatiron Books, the house that published the book, wrote : “Jeanine Cummins has spent five years of his life to write this book, with the intention to shine the spotlight on the tragedies experienced by immigrants.

For this reason, it is unfortunate that it is the target of so much hatred from precisely the communities that it seeks to honor.

We are sad that a work of fiction that had such good intentions had led to such resentment vitriolique. ”

Because of the threats to the booksellers and to the author, Flatiron has cancelled the tour of Cummins.

Can you believe that a writer latina has denounced the fact that the publishing house also speaks of “violent threats” because, as she said, this is exactly the kind of vocabulary that Trump associates with mexican migrants ? Misery, a publisher does not even have the right to denounce the violence of which he is the target ?

Some activists claim that Cummins receiving a lot of attention while most of the authors latinos are supposedly victims of invisibility.

This argument seems to me rather low, if one takes account of the meteoric popularity of the books of Isabel Allende or Zoe Valdés. Over the years, it was awarded the Nobel prize in literature to Octavio Paz, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Neruda, Miguel Angel Asturias, and Gabriela Mistral.


If Cummins manages to upset his readers in telling the odyssey of a migrant, is not it what matters ? The strength of an artist, it is precisely his ability to put themselves in the shoes of another, to show the part of humanity that lives in us all.

If one follows this rule twisted : “Only members of group X can talk to group X “, Podz would not have the right to make Mafia Inc. because it is not… Italian.


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