Dirty truth about all the Zodiac signs

Грязная правда обо всех знаках Зодиака

Many people want to know that we have the head, but the truth is that there is nothing


Basically, you monkey. Aries is impulsive, aggressive and create a lot of noise. Your character lacks depth, so many people think you’re “fake”, which plays on the audience.

Many people want to know what you have in mind, but the truth is that there is nothing. Your ability to simplify reality reductive, i.e. you simplify the world, not in order to become clearer to others, and to ensure that it was clearer to you personally. But the lack of foresight makes you naive and stupid.


You are boring a small owner. But worst of all, Taurus is the most stubborn creatures on the planet. “My, my, my!”. That’s why you love to play Monopoly. Dollars become your life, although it will not say around.


You have attention deficit disorder? You can deny it, but the main characteristic of this Zodiac sign — the complete inability to focus and calm down. In your head constantly goes through a vortex of different thoughts. And you are not even able not to remember them, but even to understand. In General, it’s worse than an empty head rams.

You are a true master at creating chaos and a complete mess. Close probably think you’re unbearable.


You never grew up. Cancers are in principle not grow up and remain children for life. And yet you are reticent. Why, I do not know how to control their emotions. Your whole life is one big nervous breakdown. So don’t be surprised if close think you are hysterical.

And yet you are selfish. And so demanding of himself that turns into a nightmare not only the lives of others but your own. “Why me? Why again am I? No one cares about me. I’m so unhappy,” — thinks cancer.


In the world there are more inconsiderate people than lions. They are always busy only with themselves and attracting attention. You actually consider yourself an exceptional man, worthy of praise and attention more than others?

And the lions are petty and stingy. All they are willing to do for days on end — it’s only narcissism. Well, to humiliate others, they, too, are good, of course.


Virgo constantly alarmed: they need to be in control. Therefore virgins have the whole world! But they help others, and do it constantly. But under this false altruism hides a veiled narcissism. Virgin help others only to then tell everyone what they are caring and reliable.


You can be a sociopath! People like you never know what whims and demands they will have in an hour. To please Scales is unrealistic.

And Libra is a master manipulator. They are constantly studying their environment, give it a cool features. Sometimes it seems that people are robots. They’re just programmed to say the right things at the right time to the right people.

And finally, the most unpleasant thing about you: your feigned intelligence is actually a reflection of empty posturing. Are you trying to look cool, but everyone can see that your inner world is empty.


You petty, vindictive monster. You are projecting your own insecurities on everyone around you. You beat in the first place, those who mean the most to you. You like to look at the suffering of others. Just because you’ve convinced themselves that they deserved this suffering. You poison all with whom you communicate.


People think you’re a smart man, but this is not true. You just repeat the ideas and slogans of other smart and thoughtful people. A pull quote. And it seems that only so can carry on a conversation.

And you all the time is boring in any situation and in any company. And you don’t know how to hide it.

However, your head is always busy thinking about what others think and say. It also explains your penchant for hyperbole.

Sagittarius — a good boss: he doesn’t care about others, he suspects others of all mortal sins, and he, in General, do not care that nobody likes him.


Capricorn — the planet’s best snitches. People willing to go to the head for his goal. You don’t care about anybody but himself. And are you willing to throw under the bus anyone to get what you want. You are selfish and obsessed with their social status.

Even the work for you — it’s the only way to become famous.


Draaama!!! Fish say they will not tolerate scenes, but they regularly roll. The whole life of fish — one big misfortune. Your inability to stand up for yourself transforms your life into chaos. And your envy makes you a loser.

You’re the person who constantly complains about the shitty life, and never does anything to change something. Of course, there is some life, because you are so swamped! You are unhappy and make unhappy all the people around.


You consider yourself “too ordinary”, so always astonish people, to prove its uniqueness. You are so obsessed with their own individuality, and ultimately the people close to you at all. Nobody is able to understand your subtle creative nature.

You respond to the world in return. Why do you need the outside world and its “gray” inhabitants if you have such a rich inner world. You wanted to be left alone? OK, no problem!

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