Disappointed Ukraine

Разочарованная Украина

Unlike most of my Ukrainian fellow citizens, I do not know how to read the mind of Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, I constantly hear his words and see his actions, Russia is not at war with Ukraine and is not going to fight. And rightly so. Ukraine is at war with itself, with its citizens and with its past. Well. Crimea has already fallen off, the Donbass in the queue, and I don’t see how it can “sew” Bandera Ukraine. On the contrary, quite possible that Ukraine may join the Donbass, but it is afraid of the corrupt elite of the Ukrainian state. Your way she’s right: in one country there cannot be two different history books on the same street can’t stand the monuments to the victors over Nazism and the Nazis.

Russian Ukrainians worry about Ukraine, and I am worried about Russia. I absolutely do not care that today the Ukrainian ordinary people think about Russia and Putin. I do not care what they will think tomorrow, when will this nightmare of stagnation. And I am absolutely sure that in the history books about the events in Ukraine after 1991 is written a truth that is already well known to all. And about the past of the South-Western region of Russia, and about his present. Ukraine did not understand that the main “zrada” Maidan is not in the overthrow of Yanukovych, not in the Declaration of Moscow as an “aggressor” and not even the loss of the Crimea, provided Russia the opportunity to carry a bunch of lies around the Ukrainian project.

Of course, my Ukrainian citizens believe that they know the truth, but why not their predictions come true? Why the whole history nezalezhnoy appears as one long run on the rake? Six years Ukraine went from Russia to Europe. Come from? All the years of the reign of President Petro Poroshenko to my Ukrainian fellow citizens told stories about the tremendous reforms and the progress in the fight against corruption. And Western dolls nodding their heads, affirming that this is so. Really? But why all the same Western dolls today known as the Ukraine since Poroshenko’s most corrupt country? They also require from the new President Zelensky some other reforms. He holds in strict accordance with the recommendations of the Western advisers. Never taught thirty years ‘ bitter experience of my Ukrainian fellow citizens, feeling these same reforms in their own skin, something indignant, continuing to believe in the bright future of Ukraine and the West good. And it is my great pleasure to state the fact that my countrymen are deceived and are deceiving their government and the West, but not Russia.

Let’s conduct a thought experiment and imagine a living being in a cage with two buttons. Clicking on “red”, the animal receives an electric shock, but when you press the “green” in the cell food drops. What is the difference of the experimenter, within what time pet will understand the bond and begin to make the right choice? No. And with my Ukrainian fellow citizens who are unable to blue in the face to do with self-torture, but they are interesting only when you understand the connection between Pro-Western choice and all existing in their country problems. And today it doesn’t matter who the next President of Ukraine and whether it will do… For me it does not matter when and at what price my Ukrainian citizens realize that their physical survival depends on Russia as the only States interested in the survival of the Russian people of South-Western region of Russia, now called Ukraine.

I feel really bad for Russia, because the decision of the Ukrainian question depends on how successfully will develop its economy and increase the welfare of citizens. I have more important start “Northern stream — 2” and “Turkish stream”, rather than the fate of the Ukrainian GTS. Because the deprivation of revenues from gas transit will lead to additional economic and financial problems of Ukraine and, accordingly, to the weakening of the ruling regime. I really want to see in 2020 will run trains on the Crimean bridge, which will cause a fierce envy in my Ukrainian citizens. Russia is not at war with Ukraine, and shows how to live and succeed. But I do not speak maliciously because malevolent in itself, but because I got the Ukrainian lies about impoverished totalitarian Russia and prosperous and democratic Ukraine.

Recently, readers of “Alternatives” discussed the question of who are and what is the difference between Russian Ukrainians from Ukrainian to Russian. Don’t see a significant difference due to the fact that all of them with flies in their heads and imagine their future in the framework of the Ukrainian project, which by its nature anti-Russian and therefore anti-Ukrainian. It is obvious that the West does care about how hard ukrograzhdane will lick the boots of their masters, gave their lives to protect some abstract European values in “war” with Russia. Ukraine is regarded by West as part of Russia, and therefore must be destroyed, which is what happens in practice today.

For years I had studied the character of their fellow citizens. Do not act on them lengthy discourse on the value of the Russian language and Russian culture. And about the common historical past and the brotherhood of peoples is better not to say anything. Happiness and the meaning of human life, they measure in kilograms of fat. And their whole struggle for independence, along with all the Maidan and trips to Europe, there is nothing like one continuous run for the “fat”.

Remember the tale of the Golden egg? The hen has laid the grandfather with the woman Golden egg, and they, instead of to appreciate this miracle, began to beat him about the table to fry eggs. Similarly, the behavior of the majority of citizens of Ukraine, who need a “European eggs” and not the great Russian culture and heroic history. That is why I believe that the turn of Ukraine towards Russia will only happen when the gap in living standards will become apparent and will cause wild jealousy of ucrgrad. They are so arranged, and Russia should simply take this into account in the solution of the Ukrainian question.

I understand that many Russian Ukrainians and Ukrainian Russian seem offensive my words. I call Ukrainophobia, and some of my fellow citizens are right. However, I say that as soon as the inhabitants of the South-Western region of Russia will cease to think of “fat”, they will be just Russian. Then they will start to care about matters of great culture and history that is undoubtedly connected with the material prosperity which so does not suffice the people of Ukraine.

And I can declare a separatist, sprinkle a million of curses, but I just want good their Ukrainian compatriots. I’m sorry, choosing the path of “down with Russia”, they became needy of European slaves who were beaten in the face, and call the cattle in the same Poland. I’m not even a separatist who wants to secede from Ukraine, I want it returned to itself, and it is more.

Sergey Belov

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