Disaster MH-17 over Ukraine and the mystery of Josef Resch

Will decide whether Donald trump to detonate the information bomb

Катастрофа МН-17 над Донбассом и загадка Йозефа Реша

In the investigation of the disaster Malaysian flight MH-17 have a new situation. The reason was a German citizen Josef Resch (Josef Resch), the owner of the detective Bureau Wifka. The detective was involved in this case in 2014, when an anonymous customer asked him for a reward to find people willing to tell us about the real motives and perpetrators of the crime.

The task of the detective was only to disseminate information about the search for such person and in case of his appearance to arrange him a meeting with the customer. In 2015, Dec was able to complete the assignment, as reported in an interview with “der Spiegel”.

According to the detective, in 2015 came to him is unknown, flawlessly speaking the German language and wish to report sensitive data relating to the Holocaust. Dec gave him a meeting in his house with a customer representative and was present during the first part of the conversation. Then the informant and a customer representative retired to a separate room. After the meeting, the participants went to mutual satisfaction.

Detective expected that the results obtained with its help the data will dramatically change the course of the investigation. However, this did not happen. The sensation did not happen, and an international team JIT (Joint Investigation Team) has continued to blame the catastrophe of Donbass militias.

This is frustrating to Decide. As it became clear later, he was aware of the witness’s information, although the way of obtaining it is silent. Some of this information Resch hid in the safe Deposit box in Switzerland and then moved into action. He was sent to the JIT expressing readiness to share its sensational data. However, the cooperation did not work. Interest in his initiative, representatives of the JIT not shown, but the address Resha began to receive threats. His Bank box was opened, and kept in its materials is lost. It was later revealed that they are in the hands of the investigators of the JIT.

Since the content of the informant was not given a move in JIT, the detective had a suspicion that someone “cleaned out” of the witness. Resch got scared, stopped for 4 years and was forgotten.

However, in August of this year he made a statement that has secret evidence in the case of the MH-17 and willing to publicly convey them to the interested party. The main condition should be full transparency of transmission and the presence of her representatives from the international press. JIT and other services were not ready to such turn of events. Their reaction is best demonstrated by the correspondence. Representative Joseph Resha attorney A. Schlichting sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte, copies of Chapter JIT Fred Vesterbeke and lawyer of the European court to Professor Giemulla, which reported on the role of his client Joseph Resha “in the investigation of the mh17 disaster in Ukraine and the resulting personal situation”.

Reply to the letter from attorney received. Then Schlichting wrote new case: “…I as a lawyer it is unclear why the result first expressed interest in the testimony of Resha, and then suddenly and for no reason broke off contact with him… I would Like to say that after two months of procrastinating Dutch colleague suddenly refused to cooperate, stating that the materials Mr. Resch, in his opinion, is contrary to the JIT investigation. This study shocked Mr. Resha. His goal was not the evaluation of the investigation process, but only the supply to the Commission the available materials. The Commission should assess and test the investigation…”

The result stubbornly did not want to join with the detective in touch and take it. It continued to confuse the tracks, and advocate for increased pressure. He wrote that the Dec could give a press conference, but only provided protection from the authorities. The answer again was no, and the lawyer went on. 24 Oct 2019, he sent a letter to the State office of public Prosecutor of the Netherlands and the UN Security Council: “Dear ladies and gentlemen! On behalf of my client Joseph Resha, I appeal to all competent authorities, including the State office of public Prosecutor of the Netherlands, JIT, the UN Security Council and all the media that we previously communicated. On behalf of my client, I inform you that provide them with the pronouncement of the evidence in the case of the MH-17 was never used by anyone. Prior to the established deadline of 19 November 2019, no requests, including from the JIT, have been reported. Do not show any interest and the Malaysian investigation. In this regard, we declare the waiting period expired… other persons involved in this case, something similar happens. So, in the recent past, my sponsor met at the Berlin hotel “Kempinski” with a lawyer, Professor Giemulla, who represents several relatives of victims of the disaster in the European court. Mr Giemulla intended to offer the Josef Rösch in as a witness by the court, and receiving his assent did it. Soon, however, prof Giemulla said Mr. Th. Decide that his candidacy was blocked by the Dutch representatives…”

The lawyer concluded: “Serious interest in finding the perpetrators of the Holocaust at the official inquiry no. Furthermore, evidence hidden”. Additionally lawyer have published his correspondence with the JIT, which demanded the return of his surety, the contents of the cell Bank, seized by the Swiss authorities, but these demands have remained unanswered.

At the same time the investigation was carried out distraction. JIT reported in the Western press that he had allegedly received from the Ukrainian SBU recordings of telephone conversations Ukrainian separatists with the leaders in the Kremlin, indicating that the crash was planned in Moscow “at the top”. Reacting to the news, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry M. Zakharova said: “They have published several materials, some of which are forged, and the other part is not confirmed”. However, the Western media hyped “information”, not even wondering why she was more than five years have not passed the investigation.

Now the relations of Joseph Resha and JIT has been a pause, but it won’t last long. Published by detective correspondence is not left without attention of all who are interested in establishing the truth. The Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad has said that “from Russia is being made a scapegoat in the crash of MH-17”and raised the question about the objectivity of the investigation. Apparently, the passive attitude of the investigators to Decide appeals will find an explanation.

Not less important is the fact that Josef Resch wittingly or unwittingly gave the US administration an opportunity to launch an attack on the Democrats – opponents of trump, given that the exposure of Crucial concern during the reign of Barack Obama. It remains only to wait, will decide whether the trump to blow it up.Dmitry Sedov

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