Discovered an unexpected benefit of apples

Обнаружена неожиданная польза яблок

People who suffer from problems with the spine, and postmenopausal women must eat apples. Scientists have discovered that contained in this fruit substance specific influence on bone cells, making it stronger and healthier.

The researchers concluded that the antioxidants found in the composition of apples, neutralize the negative action of osteoclasts, cells, which the bone tissue becomes more susceptible to damage. “If the osteoclasts are overly active, the bone tissue does not have time to upgrade and become weakened”, is given in the publication of the opinion of experts.

Apples protect bones of the spine from degenerative processes that help to strengthen bone density. Also, scientists believe, to make the bone stronger and help fruits and vegetables with high levels of lycopene, flavonoids, resveratrol. Together with these fruits, scientists are strongly advised to consume calcium-rich dairy products, also very useful for bones.

Earlier, science has discovered evidence that prevention of osteoporosis is useful in moderate doses, drinking beer. This positive effect of beer researchers was associated with the presence of silicon.

Osteoporosis is a disease in which reduced mineral bone density and strength, developing neuromuscular failure.

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