discovering Stalin’s secret house

    discovering Stalin’s secret house

    In Moscow, Russia, the Kountsevo dacha is closed and closed to the public. The history of the 20th century was written in this building from the 1930s. Stalin lived there for 19 years, unbeknownst to everyone. Even today, few foreigners can come here. Elisaveta Peskova, daughter of the Kremlin spokesperson, co-chair of the Foundation for the Development of Franco-Russian Historical Initiatives, exceptionally opens the doors of the dacha to France Télévisions teams on Sunday, December 27.

    It’s a place that’s so loaded with energy, fear, hate, admiration“, Explain Elisaveta Peskova. The interior has kept a very Soviet style. The little father of the people had a large bedroom and a very luxurious bathroom for the time. The dacha is made up of seven rooms on the ground floor, and two upstairs. Stalin spent most of his time in the small dining room. “The most important decisions were made at this table“, precise Elisaveta Peskova. It was here in particular that, during the war, Stalin monitored the advance of Nazi troops towards Moscow. The Germans will never discover the existence of the dacha, a secret meeting place with foreign dignitaries.

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