Discussing farewell kiss Donald trump and his dismissed assistant hope Hicks

Donald trump and hope Hicks

Communications Director of the White house hope Hicks in February submitted his resignation and this week left his post. Donald trump spent the ex-assistant, and photographers captured the moment.

It is no secret that hope Hicks were great Ivanka trump, and the President himself trusted her. In press Hicks even called “unofficial daughter” of the head of state, she was so close to him. There were rumors about the fact that trump has his eye on a young and attractive employee.

Donald trump and hope Hicks

Considering all the above, it is not surprising that goodbye trump and Hicks did not look so official. The American President and hope exchanged smiles and a handshake, trump kissed former subordinate on the cheek. From outside could seem that the President didn’t want to let go of his Director of communications. Photos of this scene have spread around the social networks, and Internet users began to sneer.

I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave, one of them attributed these words to the President.

Let me go. I’m not going to watch “Beauty and the beast” with you. Leave – continued a dialogue that another Twitter user.

It is not known who will replace hope Hicks. According to CNN, the US President can offer her the post of his senior Advisor, Kellyann Conway.

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