Dishes from the chef and the people’s game: what awaits the guests of this feast in Kolomenskoye

“Street of good neighbors” and wrestling on belts kuresh. This Saturday at the Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye will host the Sabantuy-2019, reports channel “MIR 24”.

Today the festival revealed a few secrets of the holiday. In Kolomenskoye, the hotel offers gaming, educational and sports facilities for adults and children, as well as the “crafts Village”. Will open the exhibition-sale of Souvenirs and food court with national cuisine. Especially for the youngest guests, the organizers prepared traditional games and cartoons.

Interstate TV and radio company “MIR” – General information partner of the festival.

“Ready for a long-term cooperation, not only in this format. Thank you very much, because the approach itself is very nice, and “Peace” – one for all. We wanted the Moscow Sabantuy was also all”, – said the Chairman of the festival organizing Committee, head of Tatar national-cultural autonomy of Moscow Farit of Farisov

Our broadcaster at the Moscow Sabantuy organizes this set. In real-time to create “the restaurant”. Chef Alexander Zhurkin will prepare the Tatar and Bashkir cuisine.

“We are again going to do a live broadcast from our platform show “in the restaurant” Alexander Zhurkin. He will prepare some national dishes. What – as long as we keep in secret, and he keeps a secret to surprise our viewers. But the fact that it will be interesting – it is 100% absolutely for sure”, – assured the General producer of the “Mir” Pavel Korchagin.

Sabantuy is a Tatar-Bashkir holiday. The organizers are sure: it is a holiday of all peoples of Russia. Last year the Sabantui in Kolomna was visited by 150 thousand guests.