Disney World reopens its doors, in full outbreak of the coronavirus in Florida

Disney World rouvre ses portes, en pleine flambée du coronavirus en Floride

A part of the amusement park Disney World has re-opened its doors Saturday in Orlando, after four months of closure, against a backdrop of rapid acceleration of the pandemic in Florida, which registers thousands of new cases of coronavirus each day.

They were several hundred to queue up on Saturday morning, before the opening of the Magic Kingdom, one of the two spaces to accommodate the public with the Animal Kingdom.

EPCOT park and Hollywood Studios should follow the movement from Wednesday, within a giant who is twice the size of Manhattan.

All the visitors present on Saturday had booked their tickets, to allow Disney to control the number of people in the park, and to make possible the separation physical.

There are already more ticket available for a visit in July.

The entertainment giant has introduced an important feature to take into account the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

Were as well provided for the temperature-taking routine at the entrance, wearing a mask mandatory, the pervasiveness of distributors of hydroalcoholic gel and the minimum spacing of two meters in each attraction or inside shops.

Disney has launched an awareness campaign to gestures barriers using the characters from the movie The Incredibles.

The organization has waived, until further order, in the famous parades that allow usually to large and small to mingle with the characters of the Disney universe, as well as the fireworks in the evening.

On social networks, many criticized the decision to reopen the park while the Florida is experiencing an acceleration of the pandemic.

The State of the south-eastern United States has recorded 10 383 new cases in the last 24 hours, not far from the absolute record registered on 4 July (11 458), and 95 deaths.

The governor-republican Ron DeSantis had decided to enter into the exit of the confinement from 4 may, before most of the States in the country.

On Thursday, the director of the american Institute of infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci, has estimated publicly that Florida was out of the containment before that all the public health indicators are green.

Ron DeSantis has disputed this diagnosis, claiming that its decision was justified by the figures of contamination of the time.

At the end of June, the governor is back, and ordered the bars closed to try to limit the spread of the virus, but the numbers of contamination have continued to soar.

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