Display the Redmi K30 yellow due to the fragility of the design

Дисплей Redmi K30 желтеет из-за хрупкости конструкции

Smartphone Redmi K30 is already sold in China, and the first users started to complain about the color change of the display region of selfie-module.

Дисплей Redmi K30 желтеет из-за хрупкости конструкции

Chapter Redmi Liu Weibing stated that the thickness of the liquid crystal layer of the display novelty is only 3 µm. It is located in two spaced parallel layers of the display module, during normal operation, which is a yellow tinge to appear should not.

According to the top Manager, the appearance of yellow color indicates mechanical damage of the screen in the camera, not about the peculiarities of the technology of manufacturing the components of the gadget.

It is certainly good that Liu Weibing explained the principle of the structure of the display Redmi K30, but it is unclear how his words should reassure buyers of the device.

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