Dispute between Quebec city’s firefighters and their union

The fire department of the city of Quebec say they are being “endangered” and are unhappy with their union that refuses to allow, according to them, to negotiate with the town of new rules of containment, yet set up in the barracks of Montreal.

A cold important seems to be installed between the fire department of the city of Quebec and the Association of the professional firefighters of Quebec (APPQ). In a letter sent to a few reporters, firemen of the city say they “feel in danger”.

24-hour schedule

These require new rules of isolation inter-barracks which would involve the establishment of schedules of 24 hours to isolate the barracks, as well as the end of the replacements between barracks. These measures would help prevent contamination between barracks, as is the case in Montreal, where those measures are about to be put in place.

These firefighters worried believe to wipe a “total refusal” of the union, stating that he does not want to “reach out to the collective agreement.” He argues that the heads don’t move anymore in the barracks while the men, themselves, may be called upon to make replacements in different areas of the city.

“It’s just a case and it will be a carnage in the barracks”, shows-t-on.

Call to the crows

Well the fact of the grumbles, the president of the Association of the professional firefighters of Quebec, Éric Gosselin is calling on its members to “relativize” the situation. He says that discussions are taking place on a daily basis with the city, but for the moment, the rules “have been considered sufficient”.

Mr. Gosselin also refutes the argument that the Montreal fire department has implemented the 24-hour schedule. “The show is not the same, they are first responders, we are not” shows Mr. Gosselin.

He repeated several times that everything was on the table, depending on the situation. “To say that we refuse to accept this is wrong, this is not true, but it is not in this situation”, said Mr. Gosselin. “You have to be reasonable in our demands,” he replies.

In the afternoon the mayor Régis Labeaume has reacted to this dispute. “I’m going to tell you that all the measures concerning their health are taken. Currently, there is no problem. “He added that”it is not necessary to use the current crisis to try to make change in the way of working when it is not needed, and in the collective agreements. ”

About the establishment of the zone 24 hours, Mr. Labeaume was particularly direct : “If it had common sense, we would have already applied. It is thought that this is not a good idea for various reasons.”

–With the collaboration of Stéphanie Martin.