Dissemination by the justice of a video full of drifts of Bolsonaro

Diffusion par la justice d'une vidéo truffée de dérapages de Bolsonaro

A judge of the supreme Court of Brazil released on Friday the content of a video of a meeting at which the president Jair Bolsonaro and his ministers multiplied the insults, cursing and slipping, in the framework of an investigation the head of the State.

The official video of the ministerial meeting of the 22 April, which is supposed to be confidential, has been furnished by the government to justice. The judge Celso de Mello, decided to make public this piece of evidence key to the investigation aimed at establishing if the president of the far-right has attempted to illegally interfere in police investigations for some of his relatives.

These accusations have been made by the ex-minister of Justice, Sergio Moro, a former judge anti-corruption popular, who resigned with a bang a month ago, after the dismissal of the head of the federal police, one of the main organs of investigation in Brazil.

His resignation took place two days after the meeting at which he was attending.

At this meeting, in which the images rotate in a loop on television channels in brazil, we can see Jair Bolsonaro complain about not getting information from the federal police. At another point, he says: “I don’t want to wait for my family to do lunch” to change the heads of “security” in Rio de Janeiro.

Knowing that the video could be aired, the president himself had said last week that he was referring to the safety of his loved ones, and not the forces of law and order as the federal police.

But the video is also full of blunders of the head of State on other matters. He says for example that he wants to “arm the population” to avoid a “dictatorship”.

“It is easy to impose a dictatorship, an asshole of a mayor takes a fucking order, and confine people in their homes. If they were armed, they would go in the street,” he says. An allusion to the containment measures taken by the governors of most States to attempt to stem the pandemic of coronavirus, which has already made more than 20, 000 deaths in Brazil.

The minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub, attack on him at the supreme Court: “If it were up to me, I’d throw all these assholes in prison, starting with those of the supreme Court”.

The minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, wants, him, to take advantage of the”opportunity of the fact that the press is focusing on the coronavirus” to “pass reforms and that easing the rules”, especially related to the preservation of the Amazon.

The broadcast of this video is particularly embarrassing for a government mired in a serious institutional crisis.

The same judge, Celso de Mello, had earlier in the day submitted to the attorney general a request of the parliamentary opposition calling for the seizure of the phone of the president.

General Augusto Heleno, minister of the Cabinet of institutional security, a key post in the government, stressed Friday in a statement that the request could lead to “unpredictable consequences for the national security” if it had to end.

The judge has submitted the request of parliamentarians, the attorney-general Augusto Aras, who must now decide if he judges it admissible or not.

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